Monday, August 15, 2022

Roti Telur Bawang

On Monday 15.aug.22, went out to buy food for ourselves: pork yeemi soup from Swee Hing coffee shop and roti telur bawang from Aliff eatery which is at the back of Swee Hing coffee shop.

9.44 am - he felt like eating roti telur bawang so we went to buy it. This dhall gravy which we ate with the nasi lemak is from the roti canai telur bawang which tastes nutty and full of spice taste but is not spicy hot so I like it.

Nasi lemak deep fried chicken thigh with one fried egg at an estimated price of MYR 8.40 because I paid MYR 18 for:
1. 2x roti canai telur bawang which the menu says costs MYR 3.30 per piece
2. Nescafe hot drink which the menu says costs MYR 3 per drink
3. Nasi Lemak fried chicken thigh - I didn't look at the price for this item from the menu.

9.44 am - his roti telur bawang.

4.24 pm - My roti telur bawang which I ate one quarter only and kept the remaining roti for another day. The roti is doughy and soft so I like to eat it with the nutty dhall gravy.

3.56 pm - my meal of chapfan dishes from Sunday which is the day before and some frozen rice from Saturday.


  1. Wah...I must refrain from looking at roti. LOL!

    1. Hahaha but your meat is more delicious! 😋

  2. I don't think I have had roti bawang before. One day must try.

    1. Must have egg also, not just onion so you can try roti telur bawang next time.