Saturday, August 20, 2022

Rolled Oats replaced Rice

On Saturday 20.aug.22, went to Hiong Mei to buy lunch for the Elderlies and Foodpanda delivery for the Elderlies' dinner.

12.11 noon - my one meal of the day from Hiong Mei - 2 pieces of pork and napa cabbages without rice at MYR 8 nett which I ate with overnight rolled oats soaked in drinking water. Taste good with the oats replacing rice.

12.07 noon - his half eaten lunch of a little rice, deep fried pork, okra and napa cabbages. Total price for 3 packs including one deep fried fish is MYR 25 nett.

Dinner for 3 pax: the Elderlies and him from Canton Kitchen at a total of about MYR 34 after using promocode TEN to get MYR 10 off for:
1. Two packs of rice
2. Mushrooms fish paste
3. Fuyong egg omelette
4. Nam Yue lettuce