Thursday, August 25, 2022

Golden Aroma Tenders

On Thursday 25.aug.22, went to Golden Chopsticks coffee shop to buy lunch for the Elderlies and himself. 

*** A&W ***

6.48 pm - ordered food from A&W to fulfill the challenge of ordering a Foodpanda delivery after 6 pm. There are 6 very flavourful chicken tenders and he has eaten one piece when the photo was taken. I kept the above burger and 5 chicken tenders in the fridge for the next day.

I think maybe shopeefood would have a better discount for A&W.

*** Golden Chopsticks coffee shop ***

12.24 noon - he bought 3 packs of chapfan lunch MYR 20 for the Elderlies and himself.

I bought lo Mai kai MYR 4 for his dinner and a big red bean bao MYR 2.30 for my snack, 2 pieces of papaya MYR 4 and one red bean one single salted egg yolk unbranded mooncake MYR 10 from another stall.

*** Ho Family Kitchen ***

1. 2 egg tarts MYR 2.50 each
2. 1 siew Bao MYR 2.50
3. 1 mini kaya puff MYR 1.50

*** 126 Kopitiam ***

1. 2 braised eggs and yin choy MYR 7 nett from the chapfan stall


  1. I am thinking of eating loh mai kai for breakfast tomorrow.

    1. Nice 👍! I can eat lo Mai kai any time of the day.

  2. My dad loves lo mai kai. Every time I see lo mai kai, I will think of him.

    1. That is because lol Mai Kai is very very tasty.

  3. Shopeefood used to have very good discounts for A&W. Until now I'm fedup of it haha.