Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Bhai Biryani OUG Parklane

On Wednesday 3.aug.22, it is regular hospital visit day, 2 kids with 2 elderlies waited from 9 am to 3 pm. At 10.22 am, the number is 1016 and their number is 1082, 66 persons in front of them. The Elderlies are used to it because they have been doing this for about 10 years.

At home all day, I ordered 2 Foodpanda deliveries because I have two free deliveries which will expire on 7.aug.22 and 1 grabfood delivery.

*** My food selection ***

As we have been eating chapfan lunch for about a month now, I suddenly thought of eating biryani so I searched Foodpanda and ordered the following food.

2.09 pm - the potato curry and onion cucumber raita is included in the biryani dish: lamb biryani and mackerel fish biryani. As the raita is made with yogurt, he will not eat this raita so I ate all of it.

2.21 pm - lamb biryani. The rice is flavourful but not salty. I ate a quarter of the rice and kept it in the fridge for the next day. The portion is large. 

At about 4 pm when he reached home, he ate the mackerel biryani as a late lunch. He says he detected ghee in the biryani rice so he doesn't want to eat it. Luckily I have already cooked some basmati rice because I suspect he may do this so I have a huge portion of biryani rice to last me for a few days.

12.23 pm - the packaging.

Foodpanda price. I am not sure what is the walk-in Price and portion. I believe NuxV is familiar with this area. This eatery is located at OUG Parklane condo.

They put a few leaflets in the plastic bag. Please click on the above photo for a larger image.

This is a bone from the lamb biryani.

I used it as a straw.

*** His food selection ***

6 pm - his dinner of teriyaki chicken drumstick rice from Mr. Wu eatery. I ate one third of this meal since he couldn't finish it because his late lunch was at about 4 pm.

Mr Wu Happy Garden branch didn't appear on the grabfood app so ordered from the Puchong branch.

*** His next day breakfast ***

5.10 pm - bought siew yuk to reach a certain amount. Needs MYR 40 to use the promo code ten.

The chicken mihun is for tomorrow's breakfast. The deep fried wanton is still crispy and I like the taste so I ate 7 out of 10 and he ate 3 only.


  1. I also don't like the ghee smell... I rather have plain basmati too.. hahaha..

    1. I didn't detect any ghee smell. I believe he is just too sensitive.

  2. If only someone comes up with a better system so that the elderlies need not have to wait long hours for their doc appointment. I love briyani.

    1. Till now, everyone also just wait, even in private expensive hospitals. Briyani is tasty.

  3. This briyani outlet is located at a corner lot which is visible from the main road. I haven't try before coz i don't think i could stand the ghee taste in briyani. They have a FB page...and the food pictures over there look so tempting!

    1. I cannot detect the ghee taste so I think the taste is mild. He is just too sensitive.

  4. Good idea to get briyani for a change. But your hubby is rather fussy!

    1. He says he is a bit allergic to dairy products.