Sunday, August 14, 2022

Best Priced Chapfan

On Sunday 14.aug.22, went to Taman Desa to buy chapfan lunch from Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop.

*** Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop ***

11.53 am - all the above food are bought from Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop.
A. Siew yuk one portion without rice MYR 10

B. MYR 8 for rice and 4 dishes:
1. Two braised eggs
2. A small portion of rice
3. Okra
4. Soyknots
5. Scrambled eggs

C. MYR 12 for 5 dishes:
1. Yin choy
2. Egg tofu
3. Soyknots
4. Petai minced meat
5. Pumpkin

So far, this is the best priced Chapfan stall that I have encountered.

*** Sepetang coffee shop ***

My MYR 4 Foodpanda e-voucher is going to expire soon so I used the Foodpanda app to order wanton noodles curry chicken from Sepetang coffee shop for his dinner for self pickup. The price is MYR 5.40 after applying all discounts which is better than the walk-in Price.

6.06 pm - his dinner of curry chicken wanton noodles dry from Sepetang coffee shop with a braised egg from lunch time. He also cooked little gem lettuce in the broth provided by the wanton noodles stall.


  1. What a good variety of dishes! I really like your bento box.

    1. Ya, the bento box is very handy to carry chapfan dishes for at least 3 to 4 people in the family. As we are only 2 persons, the chapfan dishes portion in this bento box is too much for one meal so we took 3 days to eat l the food in it.

  2. I like the wanton noodle with wanton and chicken curry minus the egg.

    1. You don't like braised hard boiled eggs?

  3. so many dishes u bought from Tuck Tuck Tei. Are those also for the elderlies?

    1. No. The two packs of chapfan for the Elderlies are packed individually in two separate one-time-use disposable containers because he preferred it that way when I did try to persuade him to use my stainless steel containers. He says he doesn't want the Elderlies to have to wash those stainless steel containers. The amount of food in the pink bento box took both of us 3 days to eat all the food.

  4. Price wise it is alright. Most important is quality and taste. Love your bento box.

    1. The food from this chapfan stall is above average. Thanks, the bento box is suitable to buy chapfan dishes for 3 to 4 persons to share as it is quite big.

  5. So neat and organised in your bento boxes.