Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Test Fatty Mixed Rice

On Tuesday 16.aug.22, it is chapfan again. We went to Fatty Mixed Rice Sri Petaling to buy food for both ourselves and the Elderlies. This time I also buy a no-rice chapfan with my own stainless steel container to test how much the seller would charge me for the food. Conclusion is the price is reasonable.

11.43 am - my chapfan with no rice from Fatty Mixed Rice Sri Petaling at MYR 8 nett for 4 dishes and one braised egg:
1. Bittergourd
2. Okra
3. Broccoli
4. Thick layered compacted beancurd sheets which are not soft enough so next time I won't include this dish.
5. One braised egg.

11.42 am - his chapfan of a little rice, okra, broccoli+cauliflower, and dry curry pork with two packs of chapfan for the Elderlies which included one piece of deep fried mackerel fish cost MYR 27 which is understandable since that one piece of fish alone costs about MYR 6 to MYR 7.


  1. Both the chap fan look nice. I haven't had chap fan for a long time. I like chap fan with vegetable acar.

    1. No need to have chap fan since you do cook at home. Vegetable acar is seldom seen in the chap fan stall spread.

  2. Ya once you add fish the price skyrockets.

    1. Ok la since fish is supposed to be healthy meat.