Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WG Sake Broth Noodle

Sake broth with thin noodle and pork schnitzel at MYR 18.90 nett. The thin noodle is similar to non-salty mee suah. There are 3 pieces of pork schnitzel - schnitzel means a deep fried thin piece of meat coated in breadcrumbs. It is similar to tonkatsu. I like the sake broth - it is light but tastes like it has a lot of cooking wine in it, so very fragrant.

Cross section of the pork schnitzel. The pork is tender and flavourful. The other two pieces of pork are rather sinewy.

Total bill for 5 pax is MYR 92.50 nett. We did not order any drinks as plain drinking water are provided foc.

The Ding's eatery at The Hub, SS2 which is a new mix commercial development.

I have all the pages of their menu here for my own reference. Page 1 of the menu.

My friends said that the hand-made pork balls are very flavourful. She prefers them to pork schnitzel which she feels is not flavouful enough but I feel that the pork schnitzel tastes fine.

The description of each dish.

I did not order the dry noodle because I don't think I will like the black sauce.

Rice menu. I may try the buttered rice with mushrooms next time.

I may try the fries with cheese dish.

Beer goes well with crispy fish skin?

They even sell sweet corn.

The drinks menu . What will you eat as the main meal?


  1. I don't mind trying the sake broth noodles and the pork schnitzel since you said the broth was very fragrant. Wonder what is calrose rice?

    1. you can find calrose rice sold in supermarkets. it is a medium grain rice developed in California in the 1940s. it is soft and a bit sticky.

  2. Sake? Rice wine in cooking will surely bring the taste tp a whole new level. Oooo...the pork and mantao!!! Gotta go and have that soon!

  3. Wow! I love sake and would be lovely to eat with noodles. I will get drunk.

  4. The place look nice and spacious.

  5. this place seems new...
    I haven't taste any sake noodles before. Hopefully this place lasts so that I could go there one day.

  6. The dishes all look very good. I am having a hard time choosing which one!

  7. Missed this post earlier... wow this place looks good.

    1. This new condo and shops below it look nice.