Sunday, March 24, 2019

Chicken Tuesday

This offer is only available on Tuesday until 26 March 2019 (Tue). I kept missing the chance to buy it until 19 March 2019 (Tue) when I was having lunch at a shop in SeaPark, PJ, a few doors away from a KFC branch that I dropped by and bought a box of 9 pieces for MYR 19.90 nett as a takeaway.

I chose the original flavour for both 4 pieces of chicken and 5 pieces of chicken tender. I took one piece of chicken thigh on bone and 2 pieces of chicken tender and gave the rest to my friend who agreed to share them with me.

Now, KFC accepts credit card payments which is a good thing.

*** Updated 21 Nov 2019 Thursday ***

KFC prices as at 27 Oct 2019 Sunday. Please click on the above photo for a larger image.


  1. It is the current craze here - RM2.00 a piece fried chicken - outlets and stalls sprouting out all over. Nicer than KFC, they say. Yet to try.

  2. Long time didnt go and eat. Now they accept credit cards?? Wow.

  3. Oh mine! I want to have my fried chicken, yums!

    Good that they accept credit card payment, any minimum purchase required?

  4. This set is good to share with another person. Good that you finally have the chance to try this offer.

  5. Yum, yum! I love fried chicken!

  6. KFC is like a slow chicken! Took donkey years to accept credit cards. LOLOL

    1. there are still many fast food places not accepting credit cards.

  7. Somehow I missed seeing a few of your posts. And missed out on this offer too haha.