Saturday, July 24, 2021

Mutton Murtabak

Today is Saturday 24.jul.21 Day 26 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday he got his dose 2 and we ordered 3 food deliveries and 1 pandamart delivery.

*** Thursday 22.jul.21 ***

On Thursday, when I launched the Foodpanda app to order noodles for the elderlies, pandabox offer popped up and I was drawn into ordering mutton Murtabak because it has been a very long time since I ate a Murtabak.

11.26 am - mutton Murtabak in a box with 4 bags of dips and one thosai and one roti telur wrapped in brown paper.

11.14 am - also ordered hot coffee.

11.38 am - roti telur with curry gravy. This roti telur has dense chewy doughy texture. Not those fluffy roti canai. I like doughy food so I am ok with it. He prefers fluffy roti telur.

11.51 am - I ate a quarter mutton Murtabak. It is thin with tasty minced mutton fillings. It is grilled on the hot pan till the outside skin pastry is crispy and slightly charred. 

12.52 noon - thosai with a green dip which I believe is basil chutney that is a little spicy. I ate a bit and kept the remaining thosai in the fridge for another day.

2.21 pm - this mutton Murtabak is quite small and thin but tasty. The diameter is about 5 inches I believe. I kept 3 quarters in the fridge for another day as I have too much food to eat on Thursday.

10.34 am - this is the list of food ordered from My Mama's Kitchen eatery. The pandabox offer is MYR 10 off.

*** Fri 23.jul.21 food and things ***

8.12 am - ordered just one pork noodles for his breakfast from Tim Won, the coffee shop that we frequently dine in before 18.mar.20, before the pandemic.

8.18 am - just like how it used to be when we ate in the coffee shop in 2019.

11.02 am - my brunch of the pork Mee hoon he kept for me from his breakfast and the unagi rice bowl from Thursday. Surprisingly the cold unagi rice still taste good. I was very full when I ate all of them.

11.11 am - Mr Wu eatery only opens at 11 am so quickly place an order for his lunch.

11.49 am - the salt and pepper pork chop is much better than the braised pork chop we ordered previously. The braised rice bowl is still as tasty. This will be our regular order once a month.

12.16 noon - 12 leek jiaozi. We kept them in the fridge for another day as both of us are too full.

12.20 noon - his nescafe gold blend instant coffee is running low so ordered these 3 types for him since I don't think that I will go supermarkets anytime soon.

Will try the cap Colombia next once all the coffee powder in the current bottle has been used up.

two made in France and one made in S.Korea.

Buy above MYR 60, get this recycle bag.

3.30 pm - all coconut water are sold out in eateries on grabfood and Foodpanda apps. Even the roadside stall with many green coconuts this morning, has no coconuts left. When we went out for the dose 2, we saw a long queue at this coconut stall so it is not surprising that all coconuts are sold out when we got back.

No coconut water so bought grass jelly ice dessert for him instead from Snowflake by Foodpanda delivery.

Delivery this time instead of pickup. Ice dessert is still very much frozen when we received it.

6.45 am - on the way back from klcc, we pass by imbi win Heng seng and notice that the pork noodle stall is open for business. It was closed the previous time we went there on 15.may.21 so this time I got down from the car and bought a pack of pork noodles hor fun mix Mee hoon for his dinner at MYR 8 nett. It tastes just as good as he remembers it. Also bought hot hainan char drink at MYR 3.60 nett.

7.56 pm - I ate my portion of it. The intestine is especially tasty because many intestines are stuffed into one main intestine layer by layer so the texture is thick and soft with many layers within one.

8.05 pm - after eating the pork noodle, I ate one quarter of the mutton Murtabak so there is half remaining for Saturday where I must eat all of it. Still tasty so cannot wait to eat it all.


  1. I really miss murtabak, the smell, the taste.... It has been years since I had one. I love it with pickled onions.

    1. What fillings did you used to order? If you see one, can buy to try, to see if as good as those you have eaten before or not.

  2. I too miss murtabak. We can't get nice murtabak in my area.

    1. You prefer what fillings in your Murtabak?

  3. The mutton Murtabak seems like a south Indian recipe of parotta kurma and dosa sambar. Nice variety of coffees. We use Bru and sometimes filter coffee, which is my favorite. Have a great sunday

    1. Yes, you are correct. Parotta is roti canai to us as mentioned in this wiki link:

      Dosa is thosai. Thanks, we like to drink a variety of coffee. Now that you mentioned it, this mama's kitchen does sell Bru coffee. Next time will buy to try the Bru coffee.

  4. Coconut now is very much sought after. People want them after vaccination, after consuming durian, during hot weather - and all three are happening in full force!

    Quite a few curries there with your order.

    1. I finally found coconut water in just fruit grocer. A lot too. We didn't eat all the curry. Gave them away.

  5. I usually only eat murtabak during the fasting month. Ha :D

    Ouh I am drinking the Nescafe gold too.

    1. Is it because you buy the Murtabak at the bazaar? Nescafe gold is tasty so many people drink it.