Thursday, July 29, 2021

Frozen Mini Cheese Cakes

Today is Thursday 29.jul.21 Day 31 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday we stayed at home for the whole day eating food from the fridge and didn't open the main door at all.

*** Saturday 24.jul.21 ***

1.40 pm - Frozen mini cheese cakes. Can you tell which one is mango and which one is peach?

I bought all 12 flavours available on Foodpanda. Ate 4 and gave 6 away so now I still have 2 in the freezer.

These are the 12 flavours. I ate say cheese, durian, mango and peach. Still in the freezer are matcha and dark chocolate. Gave 6 away.

You can also buy online direct from their website. The above list is their current price from the website:

On their website, there are 3 flavours not available in Foodpanda list: durian king, strawberry and lemon. Foodpanda list has an extra Milo flavour.

The price is MYR 86.32 nett for all 12 that I bought so it is a very very good price.
It is best to eat it frozen like ice cream.

1.30 pm - they are in cardboard boxes and plastic bag. No cooler bags.

Purple Monkey box that fits 3 mini cheese cakes.

*** Wednesday 28.jul.21 ***
We stayed home the whole day and ate the food below from the fridge.

7.06 am - his breakfast of yee Mee pork noodles from Swee Heng, bought on Tue 27.jul.21.

12 noon - I ate my portion of his breakfast.
12.15 noon - 14 slices of grouper Fillet from Mr Fish bought on Tues 27.jul.21.

12.15 noon - both of us attempted to eat the two portions of Mee hoon with the fish. 

4.40 pm - steam the remaining baos from Tuesday to eat and clear during dinner time.

4.53 pm - opened up the curry chicken bao to find that it has an aluminum container inside for the curry chicken.  Not spicy with very rich coconut taste.


  1. I had char siew bao with egg yesterday. Rarely seen curry bao around.

    Hmm. Mango on the right, peach is left?? My guess is mango is more yellowish. Hehe

    1. I think curry bao is not that common because people may not want to buy a bao with an aluminum foil container inside. The peach slices are thicker and the mango slices are thinner.

  2. We finished the curry bao given to us by our neighbour. The mini cheese cakes are too beautiful to be eaten. Mango and peach flavours sounds yummy.

    1. Does your curry bao have aluminum foil container in it? I agree that the mini cheese cakes are beautiful. Those with fruits on top are the best!

  3. I have seen this Purple Monkey on Grab but somehow I was not motivated to order. But after seeing the cheesecakes here heh..heh.. I also want. LOL!

    1. I have seen them for many years in their shop in SS2 but cannot buy cos no cooler bag. Now got such a good promo so must buy. I believe your cheese cake in a jar is just as good if not better! 👍😋😋😋

  4. Ooh the cheesecakes are so pretty. I wouldn't have been able to give any away without trying them first hehe.

    So what happened to the attempt to eat the meehoon with the fish?

    1. I couldn't try all flavours without cutting it but if I cut it, cannot give them away after that so no choice la, better to give them away rather than I eat all.

      He finished his portion of meehoon with fish but I couldn't finish my portion so I had to eat half of my portion the next day.