Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Mr Fish Buy 2 Free 1

Today is Wednesday 28.jul.21 Day 30 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday we went to Swee Heng to buy takeaway food and also ordered one food delivery. Dropped off some Baos and 6 frozen mini cheese cakes to my friends at their gate.

*** Tue 27.jul.21 ***

1.40 pm - our shared lunch of Mr. Fish Grouper Fillet clear soup noodles. The piece of deep fried fish on the left is barramundi fillet. Grouper Fillet has thick skin which is chewy and full of collagen goodness.

I placed my order at 12.10 noon at this url:

There is a promo of buy 3 main dishes and get the main dish of the lowest price free for Mr Fish on this website until 31.jul.21 so there are still 4 days to make use of this promo. There are 3 branches of Mr Fish now: at starling mall, at Da Men mall and at Kota Kemuning.

My order - 3 main dishes of the same value.

The 3rd main dish is free so minus MYR 22.90 nett. I arranged for Lalamove to pick up my order from Mr fish starling mall and drop it off at my place.

1.20 pm - received my order in this big plastic bag.

The fried fish fillets are placed in paper bags. The soup is in a tub cardboard container and the noodles are placed into plastic bags. Can you spot the noodles on the left in the photo above? The remaining two main dishes we kept in the fridge for another day.

--- more food ---

9.40 am - our shared breakfast of prawn yellow noodles mix Mee hoon MYR 7.50 nett bought from swee Heng coffee shop. We also bought hot Hainan char at MYR 2.90 nett.

10 am - I ate the remaining half of the dry beef hor fun bought on Sunday to clear them. Tasty beef slices.

11.12 am - we shared a red dragon fruit.

12.21 noon - my dessert of a slice of pandan mix yam layer cake from the 250 g box. I could live next to this cake shop and eat this cake everyday.

6.10 pm - our shared dinner of fish balls yellow noodles mix Mee hoon MYR 7.50 nett from swee Heng coffee shop. I asked for all Mee hoon but the elderly owners of the stall heard wrongly and put in yellow noodles as well. We still eat the yellow noodles so no wastage.


  1. the pandan mix yam layer cake sure taste good. I also wanna move next to the shop and eat it everyday!

  2. You have me missing the pandan mix yam layer cake. I think I should find out from the cake shop in my area whether they take order for this cake.

    1. I think they would accept your order. 🤞

  3. What website is that? Nowadays there are all this promos but need to go through various apps.

    My fav would be the pandan flavour as I find it more fragrant. But I'm rather glad I don't live next to the bakery!

    1. This website: