Saturday, July 31, 2021

Jelly Mooncakes

Today is Saturday 31.jul.21 Day 33 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday we stayed at home the whole day and received one scheduled jelly mooncakes delivery. Spent the whole day eating food from the fridge to clear them.

*** Friday 30.jul.21 ***

10.43 am - All the colours of these agar agar moon cakes are natural, from plants and the various food ingredients. Even the very blue is natural, from butterfly pea flowers.

10.56 am - the orange circle in the middle is agar agar with carrot juice.

10.41 am - Konnyaku fresh fruit mooncakes. Very refreshing.

10.40 am - bought these two boxes of jelly mooncakes.

10.40 am - each individual transparent mooncake tray has its own cover.

10.32 am - this package is delivered by Lalamove motorcycle rider.

If interested, can go to this insta account to order by pm.

Or go to fb stated above to contact this seller. I like the agar agar longan mooncake best, followed by the cendol mooncake.

*** Food From Fridge ***

8.46 am - his breakfast of Ling Fish Mee hoon bought from Swee Heng on Tuesday, 3 days ago.

11.46 am - my portion of Ling Fish Mee hoon with a slice of beef brisket, some meatloaf and all the pulled lamb for brunch.

12.53 noon - his lunch of the Bak chang bought from Klang Food Centre on Monday, 4 days ago. I ate one mouthful to try the taste, too flavourful for me.

12.57 noon - I ate this whole tub of coleslaw from Craf Roasters bought on Thursday, one day ago.

1.44 pm - I ate one quarter of each agar agar mooncake. Order of preference - blue pea flower, cendol, red bean and corn.

6 pm - I ate 2 slices of pandan layer cake from Monday and drank all the remaining iced latte from Thursday as dinner.

6.07 pm - his dinner of all the remaining smoked chicken from Thursday with instant noodles and an egg.

6.10 pm - I ate the above slice of tomato mint tart bought on Thursday.

We did quite well yesterday by eating only food from the fridge and didn't buy any new main food because jelly mooncakes don't count. 😂 Cleared ling fish Mee hoon, Bak Chang, iced latte and pulled lamb. Didn't eat the lamb shank stew and cornbread yet. Will do so today.


  1. So fast already can enjoy mooncakes. Nice and pretty jelly mooncakes. My kids would love them.

    1. You can make them at home for your children to enjoy. Pretty to look at and nice to eat! 👍

  2. It can be quite a lot of work clearing off food deliveries! Didn't have to deal with this when eating out where typically we wouldn't tapao back unless there really is a lot left.

    1. The jelly mooncakes look so attractive. So far I'm resisting buying any, telling myself these are just... jelly. :)

    2. Plus point is when clearing food is no need to buy food for the next few days.

    3. I think jelly mooncakes are to be given as gifts. Pretty to look at and less calories than the traditional moon cakes.

  3. The Jelly Mooncakes are so pretty! I have never eaten one before.

    1. They are just jelly, like Stacy wrote above but very pretty to look at. You can make your own jelly mooncakes at home for your partner's siblings as gifts because they are pretty to look at.

  4. Beautiful jelly mooncakes. I am looking forward the enjoy these jelly mooncakes. Time really flies. It seems like it was just recently the Mooncake festival was just celebrated.

    1. I believe jelly mooncakes are a bit healthier than traditional mooncakes. I need to go online to check when is mooncake festival for this year.