Thursday, July 22, 2021

MK Krua Teerak Thai Food Sri Petaling

Today is Thursday 22.jul.21 Day 24 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday we went out to buy takeaway food. Swee Heng and Lucky Alley coffee shops are both having their day off so we went to Choy Kei coffee shop instead.

*** Wed 14.jul.21 ***

3.36 pm - 1 kg of msk durian at MYR 120 nett after minus off MYR 30 e-voucher from MYR 150 nett.

4.38 pm - both of us ate about 14 pip of durians.

4.36 pm - remaining 7 went into the freezer and all were eaten on Saturday.

Bought from this fruit vendor.

Only 4 items were listed for this seller. We bought the 1st item listed.

Managed to use this gilerdurian promo code to buy this durian so it was free delivery and MYR 30 off for this order.

*** Coconut drink ***

After eating durian, search Foodpanda app to find coconut drinks and ordered one.

4.42 pm - the coconut was delivered in this nice paper bag in a see thru plastic bag.

4.43 pm - one coconut drink.

*** Wed 21.jul.21 ***

7.48 am -  his breakfast of supreme pork mix soup bought on Tues from Ding Xiang Sang Nyuk Noodle Shop in Sri petaling with self added Mee hoon and egg. 

9.44 am - my portion of his breakfast.

11.38 am - engaged a service to buy the above 4 tubs and deliver to my place. 4 tubs cost MYR 58 nett. Service and transportation fees: MYR 29 nett.
12.49 noon - his lunch of our favourite seafood Mee hoon from choy Kei coffee shop. Costs MYR 8.50 nett.

4.04 pm -  my portion of his lunch.

4.33 pm - both of us ate the only one remaining red dragon fruit. All 6 dragon fruits have been eaten.

6.54 pm - his dinner of dry wanton noodles with siew yuk and wanton MYR 7.50 nett from Choy Kei coffee shop where we also bought Hainan char MYR 2.80 nett, 3jc soup for the next day's breakfast MYR 6.50 nett and ccf ytf MYR 7.50 nett.


  1. Wow. Durian feast. Not cheap. I much prefer dragon fruit but I like the imported white dragon fruit. Hard to find.

    1. Here, white dragon fruit is easier to find than red dragon fruit. Someone here should export to your side. Durian price went up due to demands from overseas where all the best durian will be exported.

  2. i learn a new word today 'na ma praw' is coconut drink in Thai! LOL!

    1. Ya, same here. It means young coconut juice or tender coconut juice.

  3. 'nam ma praw'....

  4. Every time I see pictures of durian... I want some more!

    What's the 4 tubs for? Functional or just nice to eat?

    1. Ah, you like to eat durian. Same here!

      The 4 tubs are functional. He swears by them that they help his throat a lot, be it sore throat or phlegm.

      Online says:
      Eight Immortals Fruit (ๅ…ซไป™ๆžœ Baxian Guo)– It’s a pulp made of dried orange peels and various herbs. The pulp is stuffed into fresh pomelo, grapefruit or bergamot skin (it really does look like a fruit – thus the name). Later it’s being dried and cut into pieces. Despite being sold in candy shops, it is actually considered to be a traditional Chinese medicine (which I didn’t know when buying it). It’s mostly used to treat cough and sore throat, as well as a remedy for nausea and indigestion. According to various descriptions, you shouldn’t eat more than 5-6 pieces a day though, since with higher doses it might cause diarrhoea (and believe me – it does).


  5. Wow! Wow! 1 kg of musang king. Can eat until puas-puas.

  6. Durian and coconut, both I like. I am resisting the temptation to buy durian because of the hot weather. Coconut in shortage now. We used to have 3 to 4 stalls selling coconut water but now only 1 or 2 stalls open. Yesterday I went out to buy coconut water. Saw a long queue, came back and went out again but was told all sold out.

    1. Ya, hot weather, everyone wants to drink coconut water. I hope we can still get to buy coconut water here.

  7. Yeah delicious durian is really difficult to resist. :D