Monday, July 12, 2021

Salmon Wellington

Today is Monday 12.jul.21 Day 14 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday, we went for our normal Sunday routine and bought takeaway food.

*** Wednesday 7.jul.21 ***

On Wed 7.jul.21, I ordered 3 food deliveries which were: a Quartet Tart, food from De Wan and this Salmon Wellington. I wanted to buy Beef Wellington but they only have Salmon Wellington on this day when before that they have beef Wellington. I have not eaten either salmon or beef Wellington before this order.

1.13 pm - The cooked salmon wellington with the accompanying dish and sauce when the box is opened.

2.42 pm - buttery layered flaky pastry crust wrapping a large piece of salmon with a layer of spinach in between. Tasty 😋. He doesn't want to try this at all so I gave half to my friend and ate the remaining half over two days: a quarter each.

Roasted potatoes and onions.

Packaging - a very sturdy cardboard box.

I saw this delicious food on insta by Belly & The Chef Dining which drawn me to buy it. They also sell an unbaked version for those who prefer to bake it at home to enjoy it piping hot from the oven.

Instructions for the unbaked version is on the box.

As a 7.7 promo, the delivery fee is foc.

*** Sunday 11.jul.21 ***

11.40 am - chap fan from Sing Kee Kitchen instead of Tuck Tuck Tei because there was a queue at Tuck Tuck Tei chap fan. Just a few dishes are ready so I just select long bean, brinjal, bitter gourd and one braised hard boiled egg. Shared this chapfan for lunch.

6.07 pm - whole honey chicken leg rice bought from Sing Kee Kitchen too. These two dishes and one hot coffee cost MYR 22.20 nett. After that I bought two siew baos and two egg tarts at MYR 2 nett each from Sing Kee Kitchen too. The siew baos have lean fillings which are nice but he says the egg tart pastry skin seems underbaked and the egg custard seems milky this time so I have to eat them. I think the egg tarts taste just fine.

Msk durian from Durian Keong which is on grabfood. This container with the durian weighs 540 g and costs MYR 99 nett. Durian Keong only sells msk. I bought for my friend.

The seeds are flat so that is enough proof that this is genuine msk.

*** Public Service Announcement ***

Please click on the above photo to read a larger image. I read this on insta and feel that there are at least three groups of people or more: 

A. Agree with the above

B. Disagree with the above

C. Cannot decide to agree or disagree.

D. Describe where you stand which is not A, B, or C.

Which are you? A, B or C? Or you have a D group which describes you? You can substitute exercising outdoors with any actions that are not allowed by the SOPs. So A, B, or C, or D for you?


  1. The Salmon Wellington looks perfect with the golden brown pastry. I have only heard of Beef Wellington and would love to try it since it is one of Gordon Ramsay's specialties. Aiyo..must order durians liao!

    1. Ah, now that you say it that way, I wonder should I also pre order a beef Wellington from them? I think not since he won't eat and I would need to go pass to my friends through the gate. Next I may try durian kampung. Do you have a regular durian seller that you buy from?

  2. I prefer salmon Wellington than beef.

    1. So you prefer salmon to beef. This one salmon wellington is just the right portion for your whole family since you will be eating other dishes too for variety. 😊

  3. Durians! Starting to see durians being sold in my area. So far we haven't bought any durians yet.

    1. I remember you like durian kampung so will you be having any durian kampung soon?

  4. wah MSK durians!!! drooling~~~ I must go try out the salmon Wellington once the pandemic is over....2-3 pax need to share with friends.

    1. More durians on the way from the mb sama Sama lokal promo for Giler Durian! 😋 Good idea to dine in at the Belly and the Chef when it is safe to do so as the restaurant is here you and it has a very nice ambiance with insta worthy spots for photos. Maybe need to call up a few days before to prebook the salmon wellington. Go with your family or colleagues or friends.

  5. A lot of fish inside that salmon wellington. Should be very filling.

    Well have to agree with that PSA. As in if want to violate also don't post pics.

    1. That salmon wellington is meant for 2 to 3 pax and I ate two quarters, one per day. I think you can bake one yourself when you are back in your landed house. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the PSA.