Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Delivery Bao Klang Food Centre

Today is Tueday 27.jul.21 Day 29 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday we stayed at home to finish the remaining food in the fridge. Ordered 1 food delivery all the way from Klang for Baos and Pandan Layer Cakes.

*** Mangosteens on Sun 25.jul.21 ***

Sun 25.jul.21 3.44 pm - it has been a long time since I last ate any mangosteens so I bought 1 kg at MYR 20 nett from the neighbourhood fruit stall. Juicy, sweet with a tinge of sourish taste. Very refreshing. Reminds me of soursop which is also sweet and sourish.

The mangosteens are quite small as can be seen when compared to a tablespoon in the photo above.

*** Mon 26.jul.21 ***

--- Clearing food from the fridge ---

12.12 noon - his lunch of remaining nasi lemak from Sunday Hawker Hall Sri Hartamas. Acceptable.

12.30 noon - his dessert of sea Coconut bought on Sunday from hawkerhall Sri Hartamas. Lots of white fungus which is good.

12.48 noon - my brunch of remaining prawns truffle fried rice direct from the fridge. The rice is still soft despite being in the fridge for one night. Still tasty when eaten cold.

1 pm - dry beef hor fun from the fridge.

I ate half and kept half for the next day which is Tuesday.

5.40 pm - his dinner of instant noodles with one egg in remaining broth of Kai see hor fun from Thursday.

*** Klang Food delivery ***

Mon 26.jul.21 7.36 pm - received the baos at 7.20 pm. Two of us shared 5 baos: char siew Bao, sang yuk bao, jicama bao, mui choy bao and red bean bun.

Tue 27.jul.21 6.39 am - his breakfast of love mai Kai after microwaving it for 1 min at 100% power level. I ate the bread that is used to soak up the excess oil from the LoMaiKai.

7 pm - bought 4 of each of the 8 products.

They also sell their frozen products online. Link is:


Please click on the photo above to view a larger image.

9.42 pm - I waited till this late before my tummy has space to test the cake from Klang Regent pandan layer cake bakery. 8 slices from a 500g cake at MYR 26 nett. I also bought two boxes of pandan and yam mix layer cake at 250 g each at MYR 13 nett each. Taste just as nice and firmer than my previous purchase a year ago, also by delivery.

3.46 pm - pandan yam mix, only 250 g boxes available.

3.43 pm - pandan layer in 500 g portion. Let's see when I can get to visit this bakery myself. One day in the future I hope.


  1. Looking at your mangosteens, I think I wanna get one kg and eat to my heart's content! I cannot take durians yet so mangosteens will make do for now..

    1. Please do go and eat to your heart's content! 😊👍

  2. mangosteens!!! long time didn't eat that.

    1. Do you like to eat mangosteens?

    2. yes! btw which neighbourhood stall u bought these?

    3. The fruit stall is near Fatty Mok, facing the Exsim condo. The name is Fruit Point Trading. Location is at:

  3. I super love mangosteens! I see already, I also must buy. Wah so many types of bao. I also want LOL!

  4. The non-edible parts of a mangosteen are way heavier than the edible haha. My hubby likes so I regularly eat, but I prefer rambutan and durian.

    Ohh I was planning to get those paos right before EMCO. The seller stopped during EMCO. Did you find them exceptional or just normal?

    1. I don't think they sell by weight. They just mentioned the weight only. My preference is durian, mangosteens, rambutan. Seldom eat rambutan because too sweet and always get those flesh sticking to the seeds.

      The baos skin are better than those sold outside because they are more dense and not so sticky when chew in your mouth. But if you like fluffy baos, then these are not fluffy baos because they are hand kneaded dough. The fillings also are good with slices of meat and egg for sang yuk bao and the red bean paste tastes real, not those dark dark paste. Maybe now they resume delivery of frozen baos. I didn't check. I engaged the services of buyers. 😊

    2. I thought the prices were rather high since generally food is cheaper in Klang. But upon checking it's actually the same eg. 2.5 for char siew pau. Even then also got long queues in normal times. Must be a reason for that huge fan base.

    3. I can vouch that the fillings of the baos are more delicious than those I buy near my place. Not those fluffy type but more dense but soft when steamed type.

  5. Have not had manggis for ages...maybe because of the taste...or stain. :D

    1. So mean you don't like the taste of mangosteens.