Friday, July 30, 2021

Craf Smoked Brisket

Today is Friday 30.jul.21 Day 32 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday we stayed at home the whole day and ordered 3 food deliveries. Also managed to clear some food from the fridge.

*** Thursday 29.jul.21 ***

After reading about PH's smoked brisket order from Craf Roasters and watching 2014 Jon Favreau's movie entitled Chef showing the Texas Smoked Brisket in the famous Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, I had to order some Smoked Brisket to try.

1.54 pm - Set A with Smoked Brisket, Pulled Lamb and Meatloaf. I like the pulled lamb best because it is very juicy and tender. I didn't eat any of the fatty parts of the lamb because those fatty parts have the strongest lamb gamey taste. 

The smoked brisket has a nice smokey taste and is tender enough although I expected it to be softer. I think the cut of brisket meat I got is more muscular so it wasn't as tender as I have expected it to be.

2.46 pm - The meatloaf is quite crumbly and flavourful. It is like beef meatballs made from minced beef. I didn't register the taste carefully so I cannot describe the taste now. Will make a point to remember the taste when I eat the remaining meatloaf.

Update: I  have eaten the meatloaf again today. No special taste stood out so I still couldn't describe the taste except to say that it is a pleasant savoury taste. They put a layer of tomato ketchup on top of the meatloaf so I could taste the tomato ketchup. I could see some tiny bits and pieces of herbs and pepper in the meatloaf but their taste didn't stand out. That's all I can write to describe the taste of this meatloaf.

I ordered one day earlier after looking at all the delicious food on their insta. 50% off for coffee so I bought two types. He said that the hot flat white is too milky for him.

Looks so delicious!

I ordered Set A and Set D.

Also ordered one ala carte dish.

This smoked lamb shank is the ala carte dish that I ordered. The portion is huge so I haven't eaten it yet.

I ordered too much food again. The big plastic bag contains the lamb shank. One of the paper bag contains one bun which is for the lamb shank. The 2nd paper bag contains 5 cornbread which I also haven't eaten any yet.

1.07 pm - received the food.

1.46 pm - his lunch of half a smoked chicken. I didn't try it.

1.50 pm - very appetising pickled cucumber and pickled onions.

2.10 pm - the roasted potatoes are very tasty, like them a lot. We have started eating these two items before I took this photo.

4.21 pm - I have to eat this remaining Mee hoon from Wednesday to clear it.

4.28 pm - and also eat these 3 slices of grouper fish fillet from Wednesday from Mr Fish Starling Mall to clear them.

4.41 pm - hock moon Hiong's bakwa. He prefers minced ones to sliced ones because the flavours are consistent for minced ones.

Bought these two items on Foodpanda and arranged for them to be picked up and delivered to my place. The pork mince meat is also in a 500 g pack.

Bought from taman maluri branch because the branch in Sri Petaling just opened after being closed for one week so better give them some time to get ready.

Bought these 3M kn95 masks Online but not sure whether the size fits my face or not because I haven't tried it yet. Buy 10 get 1 free so the total is 11.


  1. Read about the smoked brisket from PH. It sure looked good. I think all the food looked tasty. Bet you will take times to taste and finish them slowly in ration.

    1. You are absolutely right. I need to plan to eat them every day until I clear them because he doesn't want to eat any of them except for the chicken. Hahaha.

  2. All the food looks delicious. I like smoked duck and smoked chicken. Long time I have not made bakwa. I too prefer the minced meat to sliced ones because sliced meat is tougher.

    1. Ah, your self made bakwa is the best!

  3. LOL! So much food! I wonder if the lamb shank is worth ordering.

    1. For the big portion of lamb shank, MYR 39.90 Is a good price. I haven't eaten it yet so cannot tell you how it taste like. Really too much food, hahahaha.

  4. Seems you enjoyed the day with the orders! Have another delicious weekend


    1. Seeking solace in food. 😂 May you have a good weekend too!

  5. This reminds me of what Beard Brothers offers. Nice but expensive. Quite fun to open up and have so many containers inside!