Monday, July 5, 2021

Dotty Cakes Pickup

Today is Monday 5.jul.21 Day 7 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday was Sunday 4.jul.21 so as per our usual routine, we went to Taman Desa to buy our takeaway food.

*** Friday 2.jul.21 ***

The other food item that I picked up at Suria KLCC on Friday 2.jul.21 is from Dotty's Pastries and Coffee. My previous purchase from Dotty's gave me a Cashback of MYR 15 nett so I had to use it before it expires.

Sat 3.jul.21 1.30 pm - this is a slice of marble cake from Dotty's.

This is the black coffee kosong from Friday, part of the set from Maria's Steak Cafe. I took it out from the fridge so it is cold.

The coffee is a bit bitter and sourish and cold which I like. I then pour some cold coffee onto the marble cake and I get coffee marble cake. Very nice cos I like to eat cold soggy buttery coffee cake. 😋😋😋

Sat 3.jul.21 1.40 pm - tried pouring cold unsweetened soy drink onto the cake. Nice cold soggy but with nutty taste instead of coffee, tasty too but prefer cold coffee taste.

Fri 2.jul.21 3.20 pm - one banana loaf and one marble loaf. I would say that they are mini loaves.

After using the Cashback, only need to pay MYR 7.42 nett for these two loaves of cake so definitely must use the Cashback especially when I could be there to pick them up, save on delivery fees.

Good for 8 days.

Fri 2.jul.21 2.11 pm - again it took me a while to find Dotty's. Need to seek help from the electronic self service map too.

2.13 pm - I thought Dotty's is just a kiosk, didn't know that it is a big cafe.

I didn't go into this cafe, just stood outside gesturing like a clown until a staff saw me and I showed him my hp order so he checked his system to pack the two cakes for me.

Fri 2.jul.21 4.56 pm - ate a slice of banana cake. Taste real, no essence but he says the bicarbonate is a bit much which I didn't detect because I like bicarbonate taste and have a high threshold for it. Luckily he is ok to eat it because I chose the banana cake for him as he cannot eat butter cakes.

*** Sunday 4.jul.21 Food ***

Sun 4.jul.21 11.08 am - our shared lunch of chapfan from Tuck Tuck Tei, Taman Desa. Rice, egg tofu, napa cabbages, ku lo yuk and sesame chicken. The sesame chicken tastes good, I suspect that they use honey for the marinate but he disagrees. This chapfan together with 2 pieces of pork chop and hot hainan char cost MYR 18.50 nett.

12.03 noon - ate one maltose pastry because I bought one bag of them from Sepetang coffee shop and I have forgotten how much I paid for them. Maybe it is MYR 8 nett.

12.37 noon - ate the remaining kaya puff that I bought on Thursday, 3 days ago from Ho Family Kitchen so one item is cleared!

1.50 pm - ate the one remaining siew Bao from Sing Kee bought on Wednesday, 4 days ago which he said is under baked but I think is fine. Another item is cleared!

2.05 pm - ate a slice of marble cake and use all the remaining cold coffee from Friday, 2 days ago to drench it. So coffee is cleared!
Wow! I ate non stop from 11.30 am to 2 pm and cleared 3 items from the fridge.

6.53 pm - we ate one lo Mai kai each for dinner. Bought from a stall outside tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop. Costs MYR 4 nett each. I like this lo Mai kai better than friendships cafe lol Mai Kai because it has a slice of mushroom in it. Also has wingette in it. I think lo Mai Kai likes to use the wingette of chicken for the Kai part. After eating this lo Mai Kai, I close my eating shop for the day.

*** PSA ***

Good morning everyone 🌞,

May everyone stay safe and have a good week ahead!

Let me borrow this platform for a PSA - Public Service Announcements:

1. Let us kita jaga kita and remember why there is MCO. It is not just about following SOPs and avoiding fines but know the real reasons of why we are staying at home as much as we can:

We need to know the Points:

A. It isn't about whether u get or not, it's about whether u spread it or not.

B. Everyone thinks they won't get it until they got it and masuk ICU.

C. It is not enough that we stay at home ourselves but we must kita jaga kita, wake up our friends and neighbours and acquaintances so that they know that this Delta and Alphas are not a joke, you won't be sure that you won't get it until you got it. So if u see anyone who just think they are following SOPs but still going out on non essential businesses, please do your citizen duty and wake them up at the point of sacrificing yourself and being labelled paranoid or being labelled righteous.

We have a responsibility to our fellow citizens to ensure everyone knows the real reason behind sops and not just follow rules just for the sake of following rules.

There are many people out there putting their lives on the line and there are people who will starve if they don't work so if we are the privileged people who can safely stay at home without starving, please do so. Get vaccinated to prevent the virus from mutating but still keep away from other people and wear masks because vaccinated people can still be infected and can still transmit it to other people.

Remember the main point:

Don't be someone who spread it. Be responsible and stay at home if one is privileged enough to do so.

Don't just follow rules blindly to avoid fine. Know the real reasons why one is doing it.

Thank you. 

*** End of PSA ***


  1. I like banana cake. Your lo mai kai reminded me that I still have one frozen, must heat it up and finish it one of these days.

    1. Have you baked banana cakes before? U are good in cooking and baking so definitely can bake tasty banana cakes. Frozen lo Mai Kai sounds tasty and convenient!

  2. such a huge shop selling pastries, coffee and cakes! That's a huge discount after deducting cashback!

    1. They got sell main meals like steak too I believe. Yes, a huge discount so definitely cannot let the Cashback expire.

  3. I like marble cake too. Nice to have marble cake with hot black coffee. I like banana cake too but not those with artificial banana flavouring.

    1. Dotty's banana cake doesn't have artificial banana flavouring. Next time perhaps you can try marble cakes with cold coffee to see whether you like it or not. 😊

  4. Not many people like cold soggy cakes! Once this EMCO is over, I must get to baking banana cake.

    1. You can only bake at your landed house, is it?

    2. Yep coz no oven in my apartment.

    3. Oic. Hope u can go back to stay in your landed house soon.

  5. I want to try the banana loaf. :D