Tuesday, July 20, 2021

HK Porky SS2 Delivery 1

Today is Tuesday 20.jul.21 Day 22 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday we stayed at home the whole day and didn't order any food delivery. Just clear the food in the fridge.

*** Friday 16.jul.21 ***

I have tried the food at HK Porky Noodle House in SS2 but he hasn't so on Friday when I was arranging for multiple pickups from that area, he asked me to included it in the list for the pickup and delivery service.

12.31 noon - HK Porky Noodle soup's ingredients are kept separately from the soup.
12.29 noon - we ordered two pork noodles: one dry and one soup.

Total bill is MYR 20.80 nett for item S02 and D03 ordered using Grabfood pickup option. I engaged a very reliable food despatch service to pickup food from multiple locations in PJ to deliver to my house since PJ is 10 km away from my house. Multiple locations this time mean 4 different places around PJ area. The fee is MYR 38 nett following Lalamove rates.

I urge everyone to follow SOPs and only go out of your house if really necessary and only within 10 km radius. To buy food outside 10 km radius, one can engage reliable food despatch services, good to also support their business.

10.46 am - Food items were collected by the service provider and photo is sent as proof of execution.

6.48 pm - we shared the soup version for dinner. He says that he can tell that the soup is boiled for many hours using pork bones after tasting it.

Sunday 18.jul.21 6.30 pm - He ate the dry version for his dinner after reheating the mixian. I didn't try because I was full having eaten some scones to clear them.

*** Monday 19.jul.21 ***

12.08 noon - for lunch, we shared the Braised pork rice dish MYR 11 nett that we bought from Lucky Alley on Sunday. Added some siew bok choy.

12.50 noon - my portion with some kimchi.

6.42 pm - he cooked Mee hoon and siew bok choy to go with the remaining duck breast meat MYR 16 that we bought from lucky alley on Sunday.


  1. Venture till ss2? No road block? I'm still confined within nearby neighborhood only. Ss2 alot of nice food😋😋.

    1. Multiple Pick ups and delivery service by a food despatch service. The title already mentioned delivery. 🙂 👌 Now 10 km is still applicable. I don't curi curi break SOP like some people la. I better write clearly in my post above to avoid misunderstanding like this. Sri petaling got as much good food as ss2 I would say. 😋😋😋

  2. The braised pork with egg looks delicious. We have been good when it comes to buying food because we have plenty of choices within the 10km.

    1. I also have plenty of choices within the 10km. Just that I get tempted sometimes with a specific food by a specific shop out of the 10km so have to engage professional service to pickup the food and deliver to me. Both of us like this braised pork with egg rice so we almost buy this dish weekly.

  3. Wow RM38 for delivery.

    For my next vaccination near Kota Dsara, I plan a 'big bang' purchase of food items. :)

    1. Not just delivery, includes the service for collecting the food and taking the risk of going into shops and may be exposed. Taking the risks is priceless.
      Yes, do make full use of your vaccination trip to buy from many shops. 👍