Monday, September 18, 2023

Nice presentation

On Monday 18.sep.2023, kid 1 swapped Mon duty with his tue duty so today he went to Golden Chopsticks coffee shop to buy chapfan lunch for the Elderlies. Impromptu outing in the afternoon and decided to eat early dinner at either Laow Di Fang eatery or ABC Temerloh eatery but on the way there, passed by oug and I suddenly asked him to stop at a row of shops because there are at least 4 eateries there that I wanted to try out.

*** Belly & The Chef ***

4.01 pm - Salmon MYR 45+ with very pretty presentation. Luckily the portion is just right. He ate part of the salmon.

3.48 pm - He selected this seafood snack platter MYR 26+ because this is the only dish that he is sure that there is no butter used and he is right. Two glasses of Lemon infused drinking water are provided immediately foc once we were seated at a table so the service is excellent.

3.41 pm - His iced black coffee MYR 12+ and my iced salted caramel coffee which is just a bit sweet MYR 15+ 

4.23 pm - Total: MYR 107.80 nett for tasty food and enjoyable ambiance.

3.42 pm - To our left.

3.42 pm - To our right.

4.21 pm - The entrance is at the side.

*** Golden Chopsticks coffee shop ***

10.34 am - Total: MYR 16.8 nett for two chapfan no rice and one iced Cham drink. MYR 10 nett for siew yuk. Zhar yuk Muk yee and broccoli for the elderly.

10.48 am - I forgot to take a photo of my ccf ytf in curry gravy MYR 7.40 nett until I have eaten the red chili ytf and okra ytf.

*** his diy breakfast ***

7.53 am - Early in the morning he cooked 4 eggs with mushrooms and the remaining ju Yau Char and gave a portion to the elderly for lunch. I didn't eat any because I wasn't hungry at that time.

*** Petaling utama ***

3.04 pm - Quiet location.

2.56 pm - Heading down.

2.57 am - Heading up.

*** Nam Heong Promo ***

Nam Heong anniversary celebration Promo. We will definitely go buy pastries at MYR 1.85 each when that day is here.


  1. Yes, agreed on the presentation. Salmon is tasty.

  2. Good deal on the pastries. I'd probably forget though haha.

  3. Nam Heong is on Grab in Ipoh, the pastries are super cheap esp they are on the hot deals and they arrived at the doorstep still fresh and warm.

    1. That is very good for families with children because children bodies generally can afford to eat lots of pastries as they like to move around a lot to play.