Saturday, April 20, 2024

Red Kettle Garden Mall

On Saturday 20.apr.2024, went for early brunch at lucky garden kopitiam Bangsar coffee shop and then went to the Garden Mall for grocery shopping. Ended up having a heavy lunch at Red Kettle Garden Mall that just opened early April this year. So happy that Red Kettle cafe is now in The Garden Mall so I don't need to go to Starling Mall for it anymore. On the way home, passed some items to my friend.

*** Red Kettle The Garden Mall ***

11.49 am - big Breakfast MYR 49.90++ which has eggs, crispy belly bacon, back bacon, sausage, potato, carrot, pumpkin, corn, mushrooms, salad, toast, french toasts, butter, honey, and tomatoes. The eggs are very tasty. Super worth it.

11.42 am - garlic prawns MYR 33.90++ with lots of herbs so the gravy is very appetising with a bit of spiciness. His hot flat white MYR 13.90++ and my yuzu cold brew coffee MYR 18.90++ which I guess is made by adding sweet yuzu preserves to cold brew coffee so there are yuzu peels in the coffee drink which gives the coffee a very aromatic yuzu citrus sweet taste.

Beerenberg honey is given in its small sealed container for the french toasts.

1.08 pm - total bill is MYR 135.25 nett. Will eat at this cafe again.

From inside The Garden Mall, on the ground floor, just walk towards the north end, heading to twg and godiva kiosks, turn left into a long narrow corridor when customers see the red Kettle sign to go to Red Kettle cafe which is facing the internal road between the Garden Mall and Midvalley Mall. Took us a while to find it. Parking MYR 5 nett from 9.30 am to 2 pm.

*** Lucky Garden Kopitiam Bangsar Baru ***

8.43 am - cham hot drink and iced cham drink MYR 5.20 nett. 3jc MYR 10 nett. The soup is very peppery so he likes the taste of this soup.

8.49 am - pork noodles soup MYR 10 nett. I ate all his remaining noodles.

Morning 43.4
Next morning ???

*** The End ***


  1. Wah.... I miss the Big Breakfast! It's good that now there is a Red Kettle near you. I must revisit and eat the BB and drink the nice coffee.

    1. Yes, it is good that I can visit red Kettle frequently now. The BB and coffee is worth it. Yummy 😋🤤

  2. That was one delicious big breakfast.

  3. The breakfast looks delish! I like my breakfast with waffles or pancakes too ☺️

  4. I like big breakfasts for the variety of tastes and textures in one meal. This one looks good.

    1. Yes it is. You can go starling mall to try it with your family.