Monday, April 15, 2024

Beef Wat Tan Hor

On Monday 15.apr.2024, went to eat brunch at tim won eatery.

11.32 am - shared this beef wat tan Hor MYR 12 nett. Tasty with egg gravy and just enough wok hei.

11.24 am - cham ping drink MYR 4 nett. Roast chicken thigh and siew yuk MYR 8 nett.

He then went to get his MYR 30 nett and then he bought bread and an ice cream. For his early dinner at 2.48 pm, he ate all the remaining vinegar trotter cold from the fridge.

11.48 am - saw this vacant corner shop unit. Asking monthly rental is total 16k for both ground and 1st floor.

*** The End ***


  1. The noodles look amazing! I wish I could have some x

  2. Indeed the wat tan hor looks yummy! I am skipping dinner tonight and now looking at this, I am salivating...

    1. So did you persevere and didn't eat any dinner?