Tuesday, April 2, 2024

No Pistachios Buy Walnuts

On Tuesday 2.apr.2024, went to Hock Hua Aeon Maluri to buy pistachios but there is no stock so we bought walnuts.

*** 9 Kopitiam Aeon Maluri ***

10.44 am - ordered two sets: nasi lemak set and breakfast toasts set. 
The Kaya toasts taste ok. 
The nasi lemak chicken berempah set includes a barley lemon drink with non adjustable sweetness so it was very sweet. 
The chicken berempah has crispy skins and the chicken meat has a umami pungent taste.

10.55 am  - for the rice set, top-up 90 cents for a mini chendol but it wasn't mini at all  taste good  except for the santan which has a too strong coconut oil taste.

11.30 am - this is the nasi lemak set.

11.30 am - total price MYR 42.20 nett.

*** Char siew yoong ***

3.05 pm - his early dinner of char siew rice MYR 13.20 nett, and watercress soup with not much watercress vege MYR 7.50 nett. I also bought one strip of char siew at MYR 80 nett.

*** zfz***
E 27 28
Get xact lists
Break off 
Wish to c take oath
Wear trad shirt 
 Own up
*** The End ***


  1. I couldn't stand santan with strong coconut oil taste, it would get me to puke. Sometimes curry has that taste too and i totally avoid eating it.

    1. Yes, I understand what you mean. It is like eating someone's hair. 😂😅 Luckily there wasn't that much santan so I tahan and ate the whole bowl of chendol.

  2. Between pistachio and walnuts, I prefer pistachios.