Monday, April 22, 2024

Oyster Blade Steak

On Monday 22.apr.2024, ate brunch at Red Kettle Garden Mall again. He cooked frozen iberico bkt for his early dinner.

*** Red Kettle Garden Mall ***

12 noon - my oyster blade steak medium rare MYR 69.90++ to celebrate 🥂 25 years since rom. There are 6 slices of beef, one slice has been eaten at the time of the above photo. Tasty 😋 

My cold brew coffee drink MYR 16.90++ and his hot flat white drink MYR 13.90++

11.51 am -  his Porkie rice bowl MYR 27.90++ which contains an onsen egg. The rice is soft which I like, I helped him finished up the remaining rice. The gravy is made up of onions with tomatoes.

Total bill is MYR 149.20 nett.

12.38 noon - view from the glass entrance facing the road.

*** RRBH Bookxcess Garden Mall ***

1.38 pm - since we are still full and only wanted some sweet food to wrap up our lunch, we ordered nangka chocolate with ice cream MYR 25++ and a cup of hot flat white MYR 12++ to share between the two of us.

2.08 pm - the dessert menu. I wanted to order Ai Yu Peng but it wasn't available.

1.38 pm - view from our table.

*** He cooked his dinner ***

4 pm - he cooked raw pork livers with mushrooms; taopok, siew Pak choy vege and frozen iberico bkt bought from Jaya grocer. I ate a few slices of pork liver and there are remaining food for the next day.

Morning 43.05
Next morning ???

*** The End ***


  1. The Oyster Blade Steak is one of my favorites at Red Kettle. They cook it so well. The dinner your hubby cooked is delicious and substantial.

    1. Thanks. I agree with you on the oyster blade steak so I will eat it again on my birthday.

  2. Wow. That was a nice celebration. Happy anniversary!!

  3. Congrats, a quarter century together wow.