Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sek Tong Midvalley kl

Sek Tong at Midvalley Mall.

Next to Snowflake.

Chicken sam sou soup. Dine-in 16 on Wednesday 16 Sep 2020 d183.

Thick or thin salted fish pork patty?

Rice with salted fish pork patty.

My portion.

Total bill is MYR 37.82 nett.

Using family mart app, redeemed a foc matcha softserve. Should have gone for the creme brulee.

*** Saturday 19 Sep 2020 d186 ***

5.17 pm duck egg ckt from friendship cafe at MYR 7 nett.

2.54 pm - one durian cheese tart from wed. A bit much to eat at one go.

1.22 pm - chap fan from friendship cafe at MYR 8 nett. Char siew and chicken rice from same coffee shop at MYR 7 nett.

9.18 am - egg brulee tart for breakfast from wed.

Durian cheese tart - one remaining.

Cleared both egg brulee tarts.

7.38 am - not my breakfast of instant noodles and frozen sui jiao with eggs and pok choy.


  1. I guess this is another franchise place, local or from Hong Kong? Hmmm...why is everything served on that dessert plate?

    1. They are local and have eateries in johor and penang with the name SYST. Because the size of the plate is suitable to place the rice n soup containers on it. Syst dessert is the name of their eateries in johor and penang.

  2. I must go eat FM softserve one of these days....long time did not hav tht.

    1. Tomorrow I will go eat the creme brulee softserve, hehehehe.

  3. I like the chicken sam sou soup and the matcha softserve.

  4. Did you get an extra-large sofuto? Looks huge in your hand.

    1. No, I didn't request for anything special. Just show the fam mart app for foc softserve.

  5. I want the matcha softserve! But dont think we hv family mart here in sg.