Monday, January 30, 2023

Yam Fresh Pavilion Bukit Jalil

On Monday 30.jan.2023, went to Pavilion Bukit Jalil for food.

*** Wed 25.jan.2023 ***

12.07 noon - he wanted to order purple potato in sweet ginger soup but it was not available on this day so he ordered hot grass jelly while I ordered matcha ice with Customised toppings.

12.14 pm - there are taro balls in the grass jelly bowl on the right.

Matcha ice with selected toppings of matcha jelly, red bean, grass jelly, mashed purple potato and mix taro balls. Not that sweet and the matcha tastes authentic so I find it nice.

*** Fri 27.jan.2023 ***

10.53 am - this time the purple potato ginger soup is available but is at room temperature so he requested it to be reheated. I ordered coconut yam with purple rice which tastes like hak lo Mai tong sui.

This is the purple potato in ginger soup as shown in the menu. The order we got doesn't have chunks of purple potatoes in the bowl, just mashed up purple potatoes.

Total price is MYR 19.80 nett for two bowls of hot desserts.

Yam Fresh Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

*** Mon 30.jan.2023 ***

3.37 pm - he cooked asparagus, mushrooms and ham for his dinner. I ate some of the asparagus.

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