Saturday, January 28, 2023

Kaw Kaw Pakkopi Sri Petaling

On Saturday 28.jan.2023, he is on duty for the Elderlies' lunch and dinner. Went to Hiong Mei chapfan eatery to buy chapfan lunch. I bought ABC soup MYR 9 and 10 pieces of ytf MYR 2 each from lucky Alley coffee shop:
4 brinjal, 4 bitter gourd, 1 red chili and 1 okra ytf.

*** Tue 24.jan.2023 ***

3.30 pm - 4 deep fried sui Gao and 8 deep fried wantons.

10.18 am - I kept one portion of rice for subsequent days.

10.37 am - 4 sui Gao in soup.

Foodpanda delivery from Kaw Kaw Pakkopi Sri Petaling. Main purpose is to buy 3jc mihun soup for the elderly. I added on other items for his lunch and my omad.

*** Sat 28.jan.2023 ***

4.51 pm - dinner for 2 pax with 1 rice from Lau Home Cook. The two big flat patties are some sort of minced meat patties in red sauce. Could be vegetarian patties, he couldn't identify them from the taste. I didn't eat them so I don't know what they are.

5.17 pm - he packed a few items from Lau Home Cook and added one brinjal ytf, one bitter gourd ytf and one tea egg for one elderly.

5.17 pm - same items with some rice for elderly 2.

From the Sat menu.
Please click on the menu for a larger image.
Two more Saturday dinners.