Thursday, February 22, 2024

Spring Camp

On Thursday 22.feb.2024, he went over early to prepare breakfast for the elderly. I walked over at about 10 am and all 3 went for early lunch. Then it is check in time for the elderly at 12 noon. Kid1 arrived at the spring camp because wanted to see the place. Hope the elderly enjoys this staycation.

*** Old Nanyang Kopi & Toast Esplanad ***

10.37 am - The two hot cham aka coffee mix tea drinks are included in the century egg and chicken congee set MYR 12.90+ each set. I ordered 3 treasures crispy lard rice MYR 18.90+ which has 3 pieces of siew yuk, saba fish and smoked duck so I gave 2 pieces of siew yuk to the elderly and 1 piece of siew yuk to kid3. I gave all the crispy lard to the elderly and kid3 because they like to eat crispy lard. I ate the rice and finished off kid3's congee.

10.39 am - Kid3 asked the elderly what to order and the elderly replied same as you so kid3 ordered 2 sets of congee because kid3 is afraid if ordered different, the elderly will ask why the food is not the same as per the reply. The bowl of congee is quite a lot so as expected the elderly ate half the congee only and we walked away from the remaining half.

10.52 am - Wanted to order char siew bao but they are sold out so ordered har gao aka prawn dumplings MYR 9.90+ instead. After that we have time before 12 noon so asked the elderly to choose a dessert.

11.14 am - The elderly chose longan hasma tong sui MYR 11.90+ so kid3 bought the same. I just ate the longan and drank the syrup water because I don't care for the hasma. Just tried one piece of the hasma. The elderly shared one bowl of this tong sui with kid3 so kid3 ate 1 full bowl as he also shared one bowl with me. This is a chilled tong sui.

11.40 am - Total price for 3 pax: MYR 86.25 nett.

*** Ko Kan Coffee Shop ***

1.43 pm - After checking in the elderly, kid3 ate this plate of char siew and roast duck thigh, total MYR 17 nett and we shared one iced Cham drink MYR 3.50 nett. I didn't eat any meat. Just drank some of the iced cham and my omad is completed.

*** Nice Garden ***

12.07 noon - Tidy Garden.

*** The End ***


  1. Looks nice with the century egg wedges arranged on top like that.