Saturday, February 24, 2024

Flying Noodles

On Saturday 24.feb.2024, went to off lights and then to Hou's Kopitiam Taman Continental for brunch and my omad is completed by 10 am. Then stopped by Ocean Million coffee shop to buy his tea time roast meat food.

The weather is very hot nowadays so the rain at around 6 pm is a very welcomed event to cool down the temperature. Our plan to walk to on lights are thwarted by the rain but we are ok with it. It was drizzling by 7.30 pm and the sky is dark so we just drive by and on the lights.

*** Hou's Kopitiam Taman Continental ***

9.06 am - I ordered this flying noodles sang har aka fresh water prawns MYR 38.80 nett for us 2 to share because today is chap Goh Mei so eat something special. The bowl contains curry egg gravy aka curry wat Dan gravy.

He ate bakwa fried egg sandwich this morning at home so he is just here for the hot coffee ☕.

8.48 am - the name of this dish is hua Dan curry flying Mee. It has 3 halves of fresh water prawns so means it has 1.5 fresh water prawns. He ate half and I ate one.

9.07 am - another look at the flying noodles 🙀

9.08 am - he poured the egg curry gravy over the flying noodles.

8.53 am - I ordered my usual ice salted butter coffee MYR 5 nett which is very rich and buttery. He ordered one hot Hainan coffee and one hot Hainan tea at MYR 3 nett each because he planned to mix them up to diy his own cham drink 😁 total bill for 3 drinks and 1 noodle is MYR 49.80 nett.

9.43 am - after he has eaten his fill, I put all the remaining noodles and 2 halves of the sang har into the bowl of curry egg gravy.

9.58 am - just walk away from the sang har shells and remaining egg curry gravy because the gravy is just too creamy for me to drink it all. The curry is not spicy. I ate all the contents in the fresh water pawns' heads.

10.01 am - the upper floor of Hou's Kopitiam Taman Continental which is not opened to customers.

10.01 am - the ground floor is the dining area for customers. I think I will be visiting this eatery frequently because it opens early at 8 am and the food coffee taste nice.

*** Million Ocean coffee shop ***

10.24 am - one whole chicken leg and one thin strip of siew yuk MYR 19 nett for his meal around 3 pm.

3.27 informed 5 minutes away
3.29 start job
3.36 job accepted
3.54 arrived
3.55 call
3.56 collected
4.20 reach tested ok
4.30 inf recv
4.56 ack
*** The End ***


  1. You both are so 'rajin' to go over to power on-off the lights daily. I usually use a timer switch to automatically turn on-off the lights when no one at home.

    1. The timer switch rosak liao and not yet replaced.

  2. I thought the flying noodles are those where they toss it very high. I wonder who they make the noodles suspended in air with the chopstick stuck there. I haven't come across salted butter coffee at the eateries near me. I could attempt that at home.

    1. I believe the noodles are baked until stiff so they could stand even without the chopsticks there.

      Yes, you could make your own salted butter coffee at home and you can experiment with how much butter to put.

  3. Interesting flying noodles. Served with the chopsticks too.