Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Iron House Cafe PBJ

On Tuesday 13.feb.2024, CNY day4 is off duty day as kid1 arranged dim sum lunch delivery for the elderly and later picked up the elderly for dinner.

*** Oriental Kopi PBJ ***

9.39 am - we always order these food to share at this eatery:
1. Morning set before 11 am MYR 12.90++
- hot cham drinks
- butter Kaya toast
- two half boiled eggs
2. Fried chicken meat mihun dry MYR 17.90+
Total price MYR 35.75 nett.

10.15 am - there was a long queue outside this eatery when we have exited the eatery.

*** Kwong Wah Ais Kacang PBJ ***

11.06 am - Assam laksa set with mihun and a piece of kembong fish MYR 19.90+ with includes one vendor ice with red bean. I also ordered a slice of marble butter cake MYR 2.80+ and Pwp BBQ chicken bun MYR 3.50+ when the normal price is MYR 4+

The ABC Rose ice MYR 8+ is full of ingredients and not as sweet as the vendor ice. Total price is MYR 36.25 nett.

So our two meals added up to less than MYR 100 nett and with these two meals, I have closed shop for the day.

*** New Eatery Iron House Cafe ***

10.53 am - notices this new eatery which opened a few weeks ago. 

10.54 am - it is popular for its chili pan mee.

*** Cny decor ***

10.46 am - golden wishing tree. There are moving flowers too which I was surprised to see.

*** Food Composting ***

10.41 am - Pavilion REIT initiative to compost food:


  1. I am curious about the moving flowers. Composting is a good initiative. When I made kimchi, I threw all the vegetable peel and waste into an unused flower pot.

    1. Good that you do food composting too. You are creating fertilizer from your food waste so nothing goes to waste. 👍😊
      Moving Flowers are in the next post which you have read, thanks

  2. Saw an Oriental Kopi at MV but didn't try.

    1. That one the queue is very long all the time, even at early in the morning.