Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Ice Bubur Cha Cha OUG Kwong Wah

On Tuesday 27.feb.2024, off lights and to breakfast. 3rd attempt, managed to eat trotters wanton noodles for breakfast. Later will go to the e-resort to visit the elderly.

*** Sunday 25.feb.2024 ***

3.16 pm - ah, I want to eat another bowl of this ice in this hot weather now that I look at this photo. Ice Bubur Cha Cha MYR 7.50 nett from Kwong Wah OUG.

3.15 pm - his bowl of ice Cendol with red bean MYR 6.80 nett.

3.13 pm - Kwong Wah Ais Kacang OUG. I can eat more types of ice desserts here because each portion is small enough for me to eat more than one bowl of ice dessert here. A bit different from the branch in PBJ.

3.24 pm - from our seats, looking out. We will be back for more ice desserts.

12.48 noon - belated chap Goh Mei lunch with the elderly and kid1+family at Rue Ee Teochew Fish Pot restaurant where the elderly happily drank favourite soup, ate trotters and even use chopsticks to take favourite vegetables kailan. Kid1 told the elderly that e-resort is near to this eatery so weekly can drink favourite soup during visits.

1.43 pm - kid1 contributed MYR 180 nett to this MYR 325.65 nett for 6 diners.

*** Tuesday 27.feb.2024 ***

8.07 am - 3rd attempt is successful. Trotters wanton noodles MYR 12 nett. A small cup of hot cham MYR 2.20 nett that is very very thick so the taste is quite bitter.

8.07 am -  he ordered 3jc mihun horfun soup but was given 3jc dry flat noodles MYR 9 nett but we just accepted it without saying anything because we are ok with both types though we prefer the soup version.

8.04 am - his hot drink and my two Kam from ffridge.

*** Seapark dessert OUG Tue 27224***

2.46 pm - Wu tao aka yam ko aka kuih and barley gingko aka ginkgo tong sui aka sweet soup chosen by the elderly.

2.47 pm - kid3 red bean tong sui aka sweet soup. I didn't eat anything in this eatery.

4.19 pm - from sea park dessert oug, I bought takeaway one big roll of deep fried popiah filled with jicama and one big deep fried curry puff filled with spicy chicken cubes potatoes curry with a wedge of hard boiled egg. Both fried items are quite oily so I ate them with chicken breast meat that I bought from Joo Hing coffee shop nearby when reached home.

MYR 17 nett for 2 bowls of tong Sui, 1 wu tao kuih, 1 deep fried popiah and 1 deep fried curry puff.

*** Fah Lian Herbs OUG 27224 ***

3.10 pm - 2 tea eggs and 2 herbal drinks MYR 9 nett. The elderly ate half a tea egg and drank a bit of the herbal drink. Kid3 ate and drank the remaining egg and herbal tea drink.

*** Joo Hing coffee shop OUG 27224 ***

3.51 pm - Joo Hing coffee shop roast meat stall, 1 pax siew yuk, 1 pax char siew which is quite similar to bakwa taste and hard texture and 2 pax roast chicken breast meat MYR 36 nett. He ate most of the siew yuk and tried one piece of char siew which he says is too hard. I ate all the chicken breast meat which is lean and tender.

*** The End ***


  1. The ice desserts are very fitting for this terribly hot weather.

    1. Very true so I went to eat ice dessert again yesterday. 😊