Sunday, December 3, 2023

Taro Coconut Sofuto

On Sunday 3.Dec.2023, planned to go to the ward during lunch but kid1 went at 11 am so we changed our plan and went at 3 pm as visiting hours on Sunday is from 12.30 noon to 7 pm.

*** Family mart ***

3.25 pm - went to buy tuna sandwich for the elderly and saw this taro Coconut Sofuto cone MYR 3.90 nett so bought one and ate it in the car. Taste like bubur chachar so is tasty.

Later at 6.30 pm on the way back, bought one for him to try but he says it has dairy taste so he just ate one mouthful to try and I had to eat the remaining ice cream which I don't mind. Two Taro coconut soft-serve for me in one day.

*** Million Ocean coffee shop ***

10.23 am - his fish slice Hor fun MYR 9.50 nett.

10.24 am - I ordered this chicken mihun kway Teow curry Mee soup MYR 9.50 nett.
The see ham aka cockles are fresh and juicy. The curry broth is not salty and taste good. We shared this bowl of noodles.

Also bought a small cup of hot cham aka coffee mixed tea MYR 2.30 nett for him and a glass of iced champ for me. The iced Cham tastes chocolatey so I like it and will order it again.

10.33 am - I ate this remaining portion of his fish slice noodles. The fish slices are kind of slimy so I don't like it. Not sure what fish it is. The fish has a bit of muddy taste. The hor fun taste good though.

3.40 pm to 5.40 pm - was at the ward. After the ward, stopped at Satay Station for early dinner. Will talk about it tomorrow.

7.06 pm - on the way home, stopped by the elderly and steamed the remaining siew Mai, fish ball and bao that kid1 bought for the elderly's lunch for the elderly's dinner.

*** Status ***

Elderly is happy to eat family mart tuna sandwich.

*** Warning ⚠️ wound photo ***

11 am - kid1 visit:
CT scan brain done, no new bleeding spot, old spots remain status quo
Wound on head will be referred to Neuro Surgeon on whether or not it requires any sutures.
shaved hair around wound spot.

5 pm - during his visit:
The neurosurgeon stitched up the wound even though the wound is not deep because he says there are many tiny blood vessels on the scalp so it can easily bleed even when touch slightly so need stitches. Stitches to be removed in 7 days. No need to change dressings unless there is infection.
Will give antibiotics and painkillers.
5 to 6 stitches.

11 am - the wound is about 1 cm.


  1. Oh gosh, the wound looks huge. Yea, the coconut taro sofuto tastes like bubur cha cha. It also tastes like aiskrim potong. Quite popular in FM SP, sold out by evening🙄 the first time i went.

    1. One cm the wound. Yes, it tastes like ice cream potong. Wah, sold out. Can understand cos it is tasty 😋