Friday, December 1, 2023

New Month

On Friday 1.dec.2023, early morning he went over to prepare breakfast for the elderly. Then during lunch time he went to the hospital to bring lunch to the elderly in the ward.

*** Clear Fridge Food ***

11.18 am - his lunch repurpose from dinner for elderly the previous evening. After his lunch, he went to buy family mart tuna sandwich for the elderly's lunch in the ward.

11.45 am - my omad, wholemeal bread, the remaining half avocado from his morning breakfast and some chilled jelly salted chicken gravy.

*** Yesterday's Status ***

3.52 pm - ER doctor said based on the latest set blood test results, T4 is still high, needs to revert Carbemazole to 10mg, instead of the halved dose per the discharge plan(19Oct).
They are satisfied with the 120-130 as the average heart rate based on the underlying conditions as long as did not exhibit any symptoms such chest pains, shortness of breath, vomiting.

The hyperkalemia has been treated and is stabilized.

As of 2 pm, the plan is still to move to patient ward for further observation before discharge.

6 pm - moved from ER to cardio ward.


  1. ah, i learned something new today - hyperkalemia. Now I know that having too much potassium is harmful...Thanks for sharing this.