Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Lao Shao Ping An

On Tuesday 7.feb.2023, went to Golden Chopstick coffee shop to buy chapfan lunch for the Elderlies and himself.

*** Sunday 5.feb.2023 ***

6.40 pm - the Elderlies requested for this 老少平安 aka Lao Shao Ping An dish but we don't know where to buy this dish so he cooked it for them. The direct translation of 老少平安 is elderly young peace. Online translate老少平安 to safe for everyone which is what this dish is since it is steamed tofu with fish paste but he used prawn paste too.

We found this Nikudo prawn paste 200g sold in Aeon Supermarket and bought one pack for him to cook this dish. The prawn paste has seasonings in it and tastes sweeter than the fish paste below which also has seasonings in it.

Also found this Nikudo fish paste 200g sold in Aeon Supermarket and bought one pack for him to cook this dish. The Elderlies ate this dish that he cooked and are satisfied.

*** Tuesday 7.feb.2023 ***

10.05 am - he cooked this cabbage, glass noodles, taopok, wax sausages, wood ear fungus dish to use up all the food items bought for CNY. I ate two third of this dish.

10.05 am - this the remaining chicken berempah from Giant supermarket bought on Friday, 4 days ago. He reheated it and asked me to eat the chicken breast meat. The rempah spices taste more like percik marinate.

4.37 pm - this is the chapfan no rice lunch box that he bought from Golden Chopstick coffee shop which he ate for his dinner.


  1. i didn't know this dish has a special name, at home we just called it steamed minced fish paste with tofu. I like this dish alot.

    1. Ah, so u like this dish too. I was surprised that when I search online for 老少平安, there are many results for the recipe of this dish. Seems that the name of this dish is quite official. I also didn't know about the name until he told me.

  2. I've not heard of this dish. Then again, it's not a staple food for me either.

    1. Cos you are not under both categories, hahaha 🤣😂