Friday, February 3, 2023

Caramel Popcorn Sofuto

On Friday 3.feb.2023, went to do a bit of grocery shopping and pass some food to my friend.

12.12 noon - on the way home, he wanted to eat the dark chocolate Sofuto from family mart so I tried the new caramel popcorn Sofuto too. Smooth rich buttery caramel taste, just like toffee, nice.

The dark chocolate Sofuto in a cup costs around MYR 4.9 and this caramel popcorn Sofuto costs around MYR 3.9 I think.

12.41 noon - he bought one whole chicken aka ayam berempah from Giant Supermarket and ate half for lunch. It smells like ayam percik to me. I didn't eat it.

12.42 noon - he kept half the chicken for dinner.

I bought burgers from A&W instead using Foodpanda delivery.

There is a new brand of bread available now. sunshine bread so we bought a loaf of Australian oats sunshine bread MYR 4 to try.

One burger for today and one burger for tomorrow. Inclusive of delivery fees, rider tips and promo codes discount, the burger costs MYR 14.2 nett each.

CNY decor at Plaza Salak Park.


  1. new brand of bread? let me check them out....

  2. Saw Family Mart in KL on our last day there but too early to have ice cream. So I didn't get to try it.

    I like ayam rempah but usually they tend to be dry and tough.

    Chap Goh Mei is this weekend so wishing you Happy Chap Goh Mei in advance.

    1. Thank you! Happy chap goh Mei to you and your family too! Next time you and your family visit kl again, can try the Sofuto at family mart! The ayam berempah in kl mostly is ok, juicy inside, crispy outside, especially the one at Ali Muthu ah hock eatery.

  3. I like ayam percik. I didn't notice there is a new bread.

    1. The sunshine bread is not distributed widely. I only found it in giant supermarket.

  4. Oh there is popcorn studded on the sofuto. This flavour doesn't appear that much to me so I haven't bothered to try.

  5. Oh there is popcorn studded on the sofuto. This flavour doesn't appeal much to me so I haven't tried.