Friday, November 2, 2018

WG Leng Tong Jaya

Signature Fish Soup Set at MYR 15 nett with rice and vegetables. Good value for money. I am not sure what fish it is but I can tell from the taste that it is not dory fish. The soup tastes nice so I drank all of it but kept half the rice and fish for another meal.

Total MYR 31 for 2 pax.

They have a branch at The Weld.

No MSG which I can vouch for since I don't feel thirsty at all after drinking all the soup.

The different types of soup.

Leng For Leng Tong at Jaya shopping center, PJ.


  1. Good that this soup that you drank has no MSG as the soup we tasted outside tends to have too much MSG

  2. Replies
    1. You mean as long as it is not dory, right?

  3. I think the soup would not be tasty if it is dory fish.

  4. Poor dory always get last place hehe.

    1. That is because the frozen ones that were cooked that we have tried so far were not tasty.