Thursday, December 12, 2019

WG Tapestry

Grand chandelier

Red brickwall and high ceiling.

Bright sunlight.

Tapestry cafe located opposite Hotel Stripes and near Heritage Row, KL.

My friend's fish and chips at MYR 35+ (10% service charge = MYR 38.50 nett).

My order - Salt Beef Burger at MYR 32+ (MYR 35.20 nett). I like the thick fries but not the small bowl of celery slices where the celery slices do not seem to be pickled, they just seem dry but I ate all the celery and live to see another day.

The beef is salty as expected since it is "Salt Beef" but I did not expect the beef to be in tiny cubes as shown in the photo above.

My friend bought a slice of carrot walnut cake at MYR 16+ (MYR 17.60 nett) as takeaway. I would say that this is a place for customers to enjoy the ambiance with a cup of coffee and cake, not so much for their main meals which are similar to those from Ben's or Alexis.


  1. I like thick fries. Can you detect the taste of the beef since they are in tiny cubes.

  2. Yeah, cafes are good for catching up with friends,not so much on the food but to have nice ambience for tete-a-tete... LOL..

  3. Ambience is good all right. And what fat fries you got.