Friday, June 21, 2024


On Friday 21.jun.2024, went for the dental appointment after eating some food and cleaning my teeth after food at home.

Morning 42.8
Next morning 42.45

*** Nanyang Cafe Midvalley Mall ***

11 am - his trotters noodles and coffee.

11 am - he also ordered Sui gao in soup.

This time I brought a container from home so he put his remaining noodles in it and I put it in the freezer when I got home.

8.20 am - I ate half avocado from the previous day he kept for me, a few slices of wholemeal bread, 1 tea egg, 1 cheese onion scone which turned out to be sweet instead of savoury. That completed my Omad.

*** Appointment ***

Warning ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ 
Photos of tooth

After removed broken part and before filling it up. To fill it up, some parts of gums were removed using laser and I requested for a jab to numb the gums before using laser on the gums. The burnt smell is quite strong. 

After the filling. Can see the part of gums that were Lasered. This tooth now is very sensitive. I read online, it can be sensitive up to 2 weeks. Today MYR 310 so total MYR 580 nett.

I was given Kin Care Gel to put on the Lasered gums. I then bought gengigel gel from pharmacy because the pharmacy doesn't have kin care gel.

1. Gengigel 1ml 5x3.4 eq 17
2. Panadol actifast 10 biji 7.6

Extra xylitol bottle 40 spearmint  7.5
Avocado hase 3 in a pack 17.5 minus 1 eq 16.5

*** The End ***


  1. I hate the dental appointment. ouch!! One of my teeth also broke off (vertically), and I had 2 dentists patched for me but broke off twice. Now I don't bother since it didn't cause any discomfort or anything.

    1. Which tooth? No pain and no infection should be fine if it doesn't affect your bite.

  2. To me visits to the dentist are way scarier than to the doctor.

    1. I didn't expect the sensitive tooth to have such sensation until it is not pleasant. Need to be endured during the procedure despite the gums being numbed.