Thursday, June 13, 2024

Temple Street Midvalley Mall

On Thursday 13.jun.2024, went to Midvalley Mall to use up the remaining 2 of 2 MYR 5 voucher, and then try out a new eatery called Temple Street.

*** Temple Street ***

1.40 pm - he ordered stir fried kuey teow with offal and vegetables MYR 18+ with livers, intestines, stomach. I like the quite thick kuey teow that felt like they have more rice flour than other starch flour.

1.37 pm - hot coffee MYR 8+ with strong milk so he asked me to drink all of it as the milk taste is too strong for him. This milk could be the cow black white brand milk.

I ordered:
A. Egg tart MYR 5.5+ which tastes like cheese tart 
B. Banana Chocolate Toast MYR 18+ which has peanut butter spread inside the thick toast. Tasty 😋 A small saucer of honey is provided for the sweet.
The milk used could be from this brand.

1.38 pm - I also ordered meat chop bun MYR 19+

1.39 am - I believe margarine is spread onto the bun before the bun is toasted. Cucumber, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

1.51 pm - the meat chop is tender and pinkish from the tenderizer. Total bill is MYR 75.35 nett.

2.17 pm - Temple Street eatery is located on LG midvalley mall between omega eatery and go noodles eatery.

1.37 pm - they led us to these two green seats.

1.13 pm - long lunch queue at omega eatery.

Morning 44.1
Next morning 44.65

*** Travelling Duck midvalley mall ***

11.53 am - total bill is MYR 48.45 nett. After deducting MYR 5 voucher I paid MYR 43.45 nett.

11.28 am - both of us shared one duck rice set MYR 26.88++

11.30 am - also ordered tofu in pumpkin soup MYR 14.90++

*** Items ***

Bought a controller about MYR 108 from impulz

2x 230g ba fang guo MYR 20x2 from herbs for all
Alford mini chocolate MYR 7.9 from Don don donki when Jaya grocer MYR 6.5
Deca 50x2 at 13.90 1st 10 2nd total 23.9 caring

*** Details ***

He noticed man Kee beef noodles boss at this temple street eatery. Then I noticed the name of the company Sin Man Kee. Any connection?

*** The End ***

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