Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Apple Turnover

On Wednesday 19.jun.2024, went to pay in advance MYR 70 nett for the elderly's blood test and then go for coffee ☕ brunch.

*** EST Coffeehouse Taman Midah ***

11 am - my order is called brickfast which is a meal with a free long black or latte for MYR 29.90++

Brickfast is a hollowed out thick toast with:
1. Salad leaves
2. Half a hard boiled egg
3. 2 slices of crispy beef bacon
4. Cherry tomatoes 
5. 3 slices of smoke duck
6. Sauteed button mushrooms 
7. Chicken sausage 
8. Baked beans 
In it. The tiny cup contains tasty cilantro lime sauce.

11 am - all our food - 2 main meals, 1 dessert and 2 coffee ☕ drinks.

11 am - his nasi lemak chicken MYR 27.90++ which I ate a bit.

10.51 am - my iced long black coffee which is with my brickfast. His flat white MYR 12.90++

10.55 am - my dessert, Berry Bliss Croffle MYR 14.90++

10.55 am - top view. Croffle is Croissant + Waffle

10.44 am - I wanted to order the Trio Croffles but the lady staff said too much for a person so she asks me to just order one.

10.44 am - brickfast with a free long black or latte MYR 29.90++

10.51 am - this afternoon tea set sounds tempting.

11.54 am - Total bill is MYR 99.30 nett. I bought two pastries home total MYR 17.50 nett.

1.47 pm - apple Turnover MYR 8.50+
Cheese onion scone MYR 8+
Total MYR 17.50 nett.

1.53 pm - my intention is just to take 1 bite to taste the apple Turnover but it was so tasty 😋 and light that I ate it all at once 😁👍

The pastry was buttery and light with many layers. The sweet apple fillings are a bit sourish so it is very appetising. He asked me whether or not there is cinnamon taste because he likes the taste of Cinnamon. Unfortunately I didn't detect any cinnamon taste.

My Omad is completed after this apple Turnover. 
Morning 43.05 
Next morning ??.??

11.57 am - side view of this coffee house 

11.57 am - it is a corner unit.

*** 126 chapfan Sri Petaling ***

4.04 pm - he went out to ecoshop to buy floor laminates 10 x MYR 2.40 nett so he also ate chapfan no rice MYR 8.60 nett with foc soup-of-the-day. I didn't eat anything. Just watched him eat his early dinner.

*** Notice ***

10.22 am - new location 

*** The End ***


  1. Love to make brickfast, looks good, flat white is nice. The apple turnover sure delicious, you ate it all mesti sedap, apple and cinnamon ngam kan..

    1. I am sure you are able to make apple turnover at home and also Sama Sama sedap. 👍😊

  2. Wow! Your Brickfast looks very impressive and amazing! All the other food and desserts/pastries are all tempting me.

    1. The pictures in the menu all look very tempting so I am thinking of trying out more dishes.