Monday, June 24, 2024

Soft Food

On Monday 24.jun.2024, went to fatty mix rice for chapfan no rice and then went to Thong Kee for coffee and curry puffs.

*** Fatty Mixed Rice Sri Petaling ***

11.20 am - two chapfan no rice MYR 10 nett and MYR 9 nett. The basic soup of the day is foc. I selected mostly soft food: Brinjal, soft broccoli, melon strips stir fry, steamed eggs and braised egg. Parked at pinnacle condo.

Thong Kee:
Iced Cham drink MYR 4.9
Hot Cham drink MYR 3.3
2 curry puffs MYR 4.6
The curry puffs can be eaten by chewing then lightly so they are suitable for my weak teeth.

My omad is completed after eating the curry puff and drinking the iced Cham.

Morning 42.8
Next morning 43

*** Items Bought ***
1. Silicone sealant 1018GP 10.9 mrdiy
2. Prodentalb coolmint 250ml 8.5
3. 2 pieces x 2.4 floor ecoshop pitstop

*** Clear Fridge Food ***

3.49 pm - his early dinner: sizzling remaining siew yuk from yesterday. Bought from Canton-Z and kept the remaining in the fridge. I didn't eat this siew yuk as I have completed my omad earlier.

*** The End ***


  1. Replies
    1. I believe you will like Canton-Z siew yuk. 😋

  2. Oh dear thought the soft food was for the elderly.

    1. The elderly has stronger teeth than I have. 😅