Monday, March 2, 2020

Sarawak Laksa at Popcorn

 Sarawak Laksa at MYR 10.90 nett from the new Sarawak Laksa stall at Popcorn Food Court, Midvalley Mall. The receipt printer was out of order so they didn't print a receipt.

 Side view.

 After all the oil has been removed into a smaller bowl. This Sarawak Laksa is not that spicy and has a good enough strength of the signature herb taste in the Sarawak laksa. Won't buy again due to the amount of oil that needs to be removed but the taste is acceptable.

 Fried ying yong (mee hoon mix kway teow) at MYR 11.90 nett from Stall 7A Loong Kee Hokkien Mee, Popcorn, Midvalley. Too much watery gravy. We prefer their Hokkien Mee.

 This stall gave receipt.

 A hot glass of honey ginger drink to clear the throat at MYR 5.90+ (6% sst = MYR 6.25 nett) and our regular basil fried rice with a whole chicken leg at MYR 17.90+ for our late lunch for two pax.

Total bill for two pax sharing: MYR 25.25 nett.


  1. That sure was so very oily! I'd go for Upeh anytime.

  2. Goodness. I guess the cook must have spilled other gravy into the Sarawak Laksa until oily.

  3. The laksa is much less sexy after removal of the oil!