Thursday, June 7, 2018

WG Eurodeli at Damansara Kim

Stew Lamb with carrots at MYR 28.90+ (10% service charge = MYR 31.80 nett). The lamb shank is cut into 5 pieces and there is a lot of mashed potato so I kept 3 pieces of the lamb meat and half the mashed potato for lunch the next day. This price is lower than the price of the lamb shank here so it is value for money. Warm water is provided foc so all 4 of us did not order any drink.

Lamb Stew is described as "Slow cooked lamb osso bucco in rosemary and vegetable. Served with garlic mashed potato" on the menu. I searched online and found that "Osso Bucco is Italian for bone with a hole and refers to the marrow in the center of the cross cut shank".

Since there are 4 of us, we were served 4 italian herbs buns with 4 individually packed butter foc while we waited for our main dishes.

As I was hungry, I ate one bun and finished the whole mini pack of butter which I find to be quite salty although it is meant to be slightly salty only.

Eurodeli at Damansara Kim occupies two shoplots.

My friends ordered Pork Chop (250g) at MYR 32.90+ (MYR 36.20 nett) which is priced higher than the lamb stew that I ordered.

My friends plan to visit this eatery again on a Thursday so that we can all order this Grilled Pork Steak dish at MYR 19.90+ (MYR 21.90 nett) from the daily lunch set menu.

Since Eurodeli is located near Piccoli Lotti, we went there for ice cream after our lunch. This time, I ordered 1 scoop of strawberry sorbet which is refreshingly sweet and tangy.

MYR 8 nett for 1 scoop.


  1. I would order the stew lamb with carrots too, I love lamb and I love carrots which are well cooked and not too hard

  2. The stew looks so good. I think I will have to go for something like that today to appease my craving.

  3. The stew looks yummy and worth the price :)

  4. The stew looked good. I love lamb stew.

  5. I went there once or twice years ago for dinner but I did not like the food. Perhaps I should revisit and check out the set lunch.

  6. This restaurant is my favourite but I have not visited it for a long time. I will order the Stew Lamb with carrots next time.

  7. Looks good and affordable too. Go try some more. :)

    1. my friends will go for Thursday set lunch.