Thursday, January 2, 2014

Try Mee

My friend loves to eat pork noodles so when she saw this banner below, she asked me to go and have late lunch there with her.

Of course she ordered the pork noodle because that was what drawn her to this eatery. She was pleased with her order as the noodles came with many slices of fresh pork liver, pork kidney, intestine for just MYR6.5 and there were 7 different types of noodle to choose from:

 Lo Shu Fun - rice noodle/silver needle noodle, Mee - yellow alkaline noodle, Mee Hoon - rice vermicelli,  Kueh Teow - flat rice noodle, Mee Suah - thin wheat flour noodle, Yee Mee - prefried noodle made from wheat flour and egg, Mee Soya,

Actually I do not know what type of noodle Mee Soya is. I will return to this place and order a bowl of Mee Soya next time.

Meanwhile I ordered rice wine chicken mee suah (MYR 7.5) and there were a lot of minced ginger in the soup and the alcohol taste was really strong. So strong that I felt that it was burning my mouth and I could no longer swallow the noodle. In the end, I resorted to swapping my bowl of noodle with my friend's bowl of noodle.

The shop is brightly lit and clean so we will definitely return to try out the rest of the dishes for they are reasonably priced. It may be difficult to find a parking space during weekdays but during public holidays and weekends, there are plenty of parking spots in front of this shop.

A simple one-page menu listing mostly noodle dishes but plain rice is available too.

Try Mee Noodle House
C-0-25, Jalan Kuchai Maju 1,
Kuchai Lama 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-79716690 / 03-79726690


  1. Oh I like strong taste of wine. Ngum la. One of these days will try out that place

    1. After that please let me know whether you like the wine noodle or not. Thanks.

  2. They put too much white wine then... sure face will be red if I were to take it... good for blood circulation.. hahaha..

  3. Replies
    1. When you come to visit me?

    2. Please do. Would be great to meet you then.

  4. Hi mum, happy new year to u and your family. Oh wow, food blog....nice. share more nice food ya. :)

  5. very reasonably priced..the mee suah looks good.