Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Raw vege

 Name of dish: Assam Pedas Ikan Patin (the Malay language)
Patin fish ( Pangasius sp.), a type of freshwater silver catfish
Assam - Tamarind (Scientific name: Garcinia gummi-gutta)
Pedas - Hot and spicy
This meal costs MYR15.9 and comes with the assam fish dish (one slice of fish), white rice, a tiny piece of salted egg and raw vege (cucumber, long bean,  lettuce). I am used to eating veges such as four angled beans and lettuce raw but this is the only time I ate long beans totally raw. The assam sauce is more salty than spicy. It is also not very sour as the saltiness overpowered the sour taste. The raw vegetables tend to balance out the salty taste a bit. I do not know what to do with the extra sauce. I don't think they expect me to consume all of it so I left most of it - such a waste. There are some lady fingers and red chillis in the assam sauce as well which I ate. Do have to be careful when eating the fish to pick out all the tiny bones at the fin area. Can't comment on the chilli dip as I did not touch it. The rice is on the dry side with hardened bits on the surface.

 Name of dish: Nasi Goreng Selasih (the Malay language) MYR18.9
Fried Rice with Thai Basil/Sweet Basil
On the menu, it did not specify which part of the chicken will be included in this meal but there was a picture of this dish and the part displayed was not a piece of chicken wing so we did not ask about this when we placed the order. Then when we asked for it to be changed, the person-in-charge said sorry, they cannot change it. There were clearly other parts of the chicken available as we can see from over the counter so we just assumed that only chicken wings are included for this dish and we did not bother to enquire further as we were hungry and just wanted to start eating our meal. Next time we will be smarter and ask in detail before placing the order as we prefer not to eat chicken wings. If you don't like the taste of sweet basil then you know what to do.

Name of drink: green apple kasturi MYR9.9 (limau kasturi = calamansi)
A refreshing slightly sour drink. The strips in the glass are ginger strips giving the drink a tangy taste. We forgot to ask for no sugar so as this drink is sweet, I think they added a bit of syrup to it because I don't think green apple can be this sweet. As for me, I did not order any drink for myself.

I have seen Groupon deals for this restaurant but did not buy any coupons so the total price is MYR49.15 inclusive of 10% service charge (no government tax). Credit card payment accepted above a certain amount (not sure how much).

LG 2308, The Garden
Tel: 03-22875136