Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Shoyu Salmon Salad

On Wednesday 29.nov.2023, early morning he went to care center to bring the elderly for the 8am endoscopy appointment. 

*** Salad Atelier Foodpanda ***

Buy MYR 45 to get MYR 15 off so I bought two DIY salad. Placed order at 12.23 noon and received food at 12.43 noon.

1.01 pm - two salad with tampered proof tape. Total price MYR 34.39 nett inclusive of delivery fees which means one salad is only about MYR 17.20 nett. Teriyaki salmon is no longer available so I ordered shoyu salmon instead.

Salad 1:
Mixed capsicum
Smoked duck

Salad 2:
Avocado top up MYR 1.51
Mixed capsicum
Broccoli top up MYR 0.75
Shoyu salmon top up MYR 2.38

1.26 pm - raw kale with no dressings is my favourite. He ate a bit of the raw kale salad with smoked duck.

*** Clear Fridge Food ***

1.13 pm - frozen remaining rice from the elderly's dinner more than one week ago.

2 pm - microwave the frozen rice with the salad shoyu salmon and ate them. Tasty 😋

*** Dessert ***

2.36 pm - strawberry yogurt ice cream with pieces of frozen strawberries in it.

3.10 pm - made by unilever Thai holdings. 470g aka 750 ml and I ate it all in one sitting 🤦🏻‍♀️

*** Status ***

7.30 am - he went with a care center staff and the elderly for the endoscopy appointment as kid1 is still on vacation in Hokkaido.

9.02 am - just done pre-checks and payment.

11.49 am - Endoscopy did not proceed as planned due to elevated heart rate, was sent to the Emergency ward for further checks and observation. Blood tests.

1.30 pm - went from ER to elderly's place to ensure lunch is eaten and morning meditations are eaten.

7 pm - he went to buy chicken congee for the elderly in ER.

8.26 pm - Just spoken to the doctor. They will transfer the elderly to the ward. Rbc is 10, potassium is 6. Slightly high. Should cut down on bananas. Kidneys are also quite dry. He fed the elderly with chicken congee.

8.57 pm - ER administered medicine to lower the potassium, to protect kidneys and heart muscles.

9.46 pm - elderly still in ER waiting for available bed in wards so he went back.