Thursday, June 30, 2022

Ribeye Steak Sourdough

On Thursday 30.jun.22, he went out alone to buy chapfan from golden chopstick eatery in Sri Petaling for himself and the Elderlies. Ordered two shopeefood deliveries for my meal and his dinner.

*** Simplicity Sandwiches & Coffee Cafe ***

2.16 pm - Chicken and Spinach Quiche from Simplicity Cafe. A Savory pastry, baked egg cream custard with Chicken and Spinach.

Taste like chicken mushroom soup with black pepper. The pastry crust is a little bit on the sweet side. Very easy to eat. 👍

Close up view of the fillings.

Two food items for my meal of the day.

2.17 pm - Ribeye Steak Sourdough from simplicity cafe: Roasted Ribeye Steak, Tomato Slices, Cheddar Cheese, Whole Grain Mustard, Sweet Gherkins.

View of the fillings. Easy to eat too 👍 and can taste the beef aroma.

Top view of the quiche.

11.39 am - delivered in a nice paper bag.

The sourdough sandwich is wrapped in paper.

Simplicity Sandwiches & Coffee Cafe is located at:
D'Alamanda Condominium, Jalan Pudu Ulu, Taman Pudu Ulu, 56100 Cheras
So the delivery fees after delivery discount is still MYR 6 so I used MYR 5.25 shopee coins to lower down the price to MYR 21.75 for these two items.

A good meal for myself. He didn't eat any of my food because he prefers his own food.

*** Golden Chopstick Chap fan ***

10.54 am - his chapfan lunch.

Close up view.

12.36 noon - the elderlies chapfan lunch. He didn't use my stainless steel containers. He prefers the disposal containers because he says they are easier to manage.

The chapfan food he bought for all 3 of them costs MYR 26 nett:
1. 2 normal portion rice
2. 1 bowl of Pork trotter vinegar
3. Yinchoy
4. Oyster mushrooms
5. Strips of gourds
6. brinjal

I didn't eat any of the chapfan. He also bought a loaf of gardenia wholemeal bread at MYR 3.60 from a 7-11 convenience store.

*** Canton Kitchen ***

5.11 pm - his requested dinner of sweet sour fish fillet rice. I bought it from Canton Kitchen instead of Yan Kitchen. There are 7 slices of fish fillet and he asked me to eat two slices of fish fillet and a bit of rice since I am still full from the sandwich and quiche. this is our default sweet and sour fish fillet followed by Yan Kitchen.

Bought just one food item using shopeefood. Used MYR 1 of shopee coins. Price is MYR 13.67 just for this one item which is a reasonable price.


  1. You have so many choices of food nearby! Then again you're also very willing to pay for delivery which widens your choices. Hehe.

    1. No quiche appears in my area when I did a search using the delivery apps. But then even with far away deliveries, with discounts the price is lower than if I drove there to buy as walk-in.

  2. Wah! I would love the ribeye steak sourdough. I love quiche too but prefer with bacon.

    1. Bacon would give the quiche a smoky fragrance if it is smoked bacon. You can make yourself a delicious steak sourdough sandwich at home. Yummy!

  3. the chicken and spinach quiche looks so tempting. But tht cafe is not within my radar...the delivery fee is almost RM10 (same price as the quiche itself)...

    1. But with discounts vouchers, no need to pay the delivery fees. Shopee coins is like free vouchers too as can get them by playing shopeefarm, hahahaha. Lolx!

  4. Quiche and ribeye steak sourdough look good. So are the 2 packs of chap fan.

  5. The sourdough and quiche looked great. Used to buy beef and chicken quiche from a bakery when I lived in previous location. One of the best. Now too far away from where I stay.

    1. Nice to be able to buy them when feel like eating them. But you also know how to make them at home, right?