Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Menya ShiShiDo

Menya ShiShiDo has been around since 2015 but I only know about them recently when their shop in Jaya One reopened in Sept 2019 after renovation. They used to have a branch in Sri Petaling which is no longer there now.

We plan to order this Lipon Yaki Buta Ramen with the huge slab of pork belly which is available with 3 toppings - BBQ, Spicy or Coriander Spicy at MYR 41 nett. The broth is available in a single flavour or a mixture of 2 flavours or 3 flavours. The colourful circles at the bottom of the menu denote the various flavours.

Unfortunately we were told that the ramen we wanted was not available so we ordered this Yaki Buta Ramen instead which has two pieces of the same pork belly.

Yaki Buta Ramen - MYR 29 nett. We selected a single flavour broth which is black garlic broth and coriander spicy toppings for the pork belly. The broth is thick but not too thick so it was not cloying. The egg has the taste of bonito flakes so it is delicious. The ramen noodles texture is firm but soft enough and the portion is big. They also serve tsukemen which is ramen served with soup in a separate bowl.

The single flavours of the broth are: white for original pork broth, black for black garlic pork broth and red for spicy pork broth.

Yellow for Curry pork broth, Green for Basil Pork Broth and Orange Red for Pepper Spicy Pork Broth.

We also ordered Chasu Ramen at MYR 21 nett each in original pork broth and basil pork broth because we do not want any spicy broth. The Basil pork broth is refreshing and very tasty so we will have that but mixed with black garlic pork broth next time.

Total price for 3 pax is MYR 71 nett.

Please click on the above photo for a larger image. For those who would like to eat rice, there are 6 types of rice dishes: 
1, Deep fried chicken with rice - MYR 15 nett, 
2. Fried Chicken with NanBan sauce and rice - MYR 16 nett (NanBan sauce is made from rice vinegar, mirin or sake, soy sauce, sugar, pepper flakes or ginger), 
3. Ginger pork rice - MYR 14 nett, 
4. Sweet and sour chicken rice - MYR 16 nett, 
5. Japanese Chicken Curry rice - MYR 14 nett, 
6. Japanese Chicken Curry rice with tomato - MYR 16 nett and a bowl of plain white rice - MYR 5 nett.

Menya ShiShiDo at Level P2, Jaya One, PJ. We arrived at about 3 pm on a Saturday to find many people in the waiting list so we wrote down our names and went for a walk around Jaya One. After 45 minutes we got our seats and food arrived pretty fast after we placed our orders.

*** KakiYuki ***

Kakiyuki at the Gardens Mall is now open for business. It is formerly known as Kakigori.

Opening promotion but need to follow or tag their fb.

I was in the Gardens Mall on Monday but I didn't know about this promotion then or else I would have buy one of these two and get the other or another free.

I was in the Gardens Mall on Tuesday (yesterday) too but my friend doesn't eat ice and I couldn't possibly eat two bowls by myself so no go again.

I won't be there for the rest of the week so no deal for me.

These two look tasty!

Hmmmm, maybe my friend would want to go on Friday. I can but hope. Those working in Midvalley Mall can make use of this promo.


  1. No thanks to ramen, i would go for the rice dishes. I wonder how much is one kakigori, these kakigori remind me of bingsu.

  2. I've yet to find a good place for ramen here. For one thing, all our Japanese places here are pork free so I will not be able to find anything like what you had.

    1. Ah, then you must eat these very thick and porky ramen soup in KL when you drop by next time.

  3. Hope you get to try that ramen. That one huge slab of pork.

    1. Don't think they will sell that as they could cut up the huge slab of pork and sell it separately in the bowl of MYR 29 nett ramen. It should taste the same as the MYR 29 nett ramen except for more pork so it means we have already eaten what we wanted to eat here.

  4. The food must be good. From the crowd, they are enjoying good business.

    1. Yes, the ramen is affordable and tasty so many people are eating there.

  5. Many flavours for the ramen. Kakigori is one thing that cannot be packed!