Saturday, May 25, 2019

Watanhor cravings

Wat Tan Hor (滑蛋河) in Cantonese means Wat = Smooth, Tan = Egg, Hor = Hor Fun (broad rice noodles) refers to stir fried broad rice noodles in smooth egg gravy. We prefer a mix of mee hoon and hor fun so it is called ying yong. This dish costs MYR 9.90+ (6% SST = MYR 10.50 nett) for 1 pax.

Hokkien Mee for 1 pax at MYR 9.90+ (MYR 10.50 nett) at Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee branch at Kuchai Lama. This is how it looks in 2015 and they also have a stall at the Popcorn, Midvalley.

Total bill is MYR 23.75 nett inclusive of 6% SST. The branch at Kuchai Lama is only open in the evening from 5 pm to 2.30 am.


  1. That looks so good, all the green vegetables!

    1. a pleasant surprise on the big amount of vegetables.

  2. I like Wan Tat Hor especially if the hor fun got the wok hei taste

  3. The hokkien mee must be decent since that's their signature? This is one dish that has high risk of going wrong.

  4. I would always eat there when we have guests from outstation to enjoy real KL food.

    I am so surprised that the Kuchai Lama branch opens till 2.30am!!!

  5. I miss Hokkien mee. Not easy to get good Hokkien mee in Ipoh.