Thursday, May 15, 2014

Salmon Maki

Hong Cha Restaurant in OUG is famous for its pork noodles with unlimited deep fried pork lard. Just look at the photo below to see the juicy pork lard. Actually I don't eat pork lard so when I forget to ask them to omit the pork lard, I will just leave them uneaten which seems to be such a waste for people who likes to eat them.

Signature Pork Noodle (MYR7) small portion

We had this Signature Pork Noodle (MYR7) small portion during another visit and the vegetable served was different from the above bowl.

They also serve sushi and tempura after 6pm and here I have ordered a plate of salmon maki - MYR5 for 6 small pieces, comes with special Japanese soy sauce and wasabi. Good when you feel like eating a tiny portion of rice and not noodles.


  1. Sushi, my all time favorite!!

  2. Hehe, you didn't order tempura?

  3. OMG if I see chue yau char I'll go crazy.. I'll wallop the whole spoon babe! My favourite! Sometimes my mum fries them and store in air tight container and I'll sprinkle them on my rice!

  4. your really tempting me love lard