Saturday, February 1, 2020

WG Loong Foong Seafood

 Angpow from Public Bank.

 The back view.

 Jelly fish yee sang half portion at MYR 53 nett. The sweet taste overpowered the rest of the ingredients.

 After mixing!

 Yin Choy at MYR 26.50 nett and pork chop at MYR 58.30 nett. Both dishes are casual dishes but are tasty!

 Claypot tofu mixed vege at MYR 23.32 nett. The tofu tastes good but the gravy is a bit too much.

 Crispy battered chicken with sweet, sour and spicy sauce. Appetising sauce but this portion is too much so half this dish is taken home by one of us as we couldn't finish it. Price is MYR 58.30 nett.

 Steamed tilapia in ginger puree at MYR 72.08 nett. A lot of fish meat so one of us is tasked to finish it as not to waste.

 Vegetarian dish at MYR 40.28 nett with broccoli, abalone mushrooms, vegetarian char siew, thick beancurd sheets. The oyster gravy tastes a bit boring so we couldn't finish this dish and left a few  behind.

 Butter prawns at MYR 95.40 nett. Not too bad but I have eaten fresher prawns. Someone was tasked again to finish them.

 What a messy table with quite a bit left because the 9 of us are full to the brim.

 Total bill is MYR 438.20 nett so each person has to pay MYR 48.70 nett which is quite a high price for casual dishes.

Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant at Paramount Garden, PJ which is known for their roast duck which is sold in the evening. This is a CNY start work lunch for some of us who started work today.


  1. The prawns are so very small. Pork chop looks good!

  2. The food looks good, Mun! Love the loe sang.. .

    1. not as tasty as other restaurants we ate at recently.

  3. Nice to have a variety of food. This year I think no CNY hoikong makans for me due to company watching budget.

    1. we pay ourselves for this hoikong meal.